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Unions (draft)

-Like having a lawyer where the prosecutor is also the judge

-Going from organization being able to run roughshod over employees to being held accountable

-Inability to fire due to failure to document issues and follow procedures

Making card check process secret (send cards to NLRB)

-better for workers who fear retaliation

-provides a secret election without extra steps

A better idea would be to encourage and incentivize (with tax and other means) employee ownership. It means everyone has a stake in the outcome and encourages productivity and eliminating bad workers. It should not be an "us vs. them" union vs. the company but a "we" and everyone working together, and benefiting from, the product or service the company makes.

When employees are more productive, they deserve some of the increased revenue because it means their time is more valuable.

-Money fairness

-Better customer service/more productive employees

-Employee-generated improvements (both emp and co want) The ones doing the work are those who know the work the best and how to improve things, yet in many companies, employee suggestions go unheeded, either because the employees don't feel the company cares or deserves to know, or because the company does not believe that the workers know better.

Ideally, pay employees on administrative leave only if no case of wrong doing is found. Give them an option of continuing to receive pay that can be taken back or a lump sum if they end up innocent


• Ideally they wouldn't be needed, employers would realize they need employees

• Les Schwab example of good employer

• Not having a union like going to court without a lawyer against well-funded one

• Employees should be able to negotiate their share of the profits they create

• Pay below value results in wealth redistribution upwards

• Better pay=less need for government assistance and more money to spend

• Business person's great idea useless without the people to execute it

Have secret ballots by NLRB-conducted online or mail-in representation requests

• Public employers can be bad, no different than private employers

By Jason McHuff,