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Bus service ideas

Freeway stops at 99th St TC: Allowing better C-TRAN express service and pedestrian access

Relocating Barbur TC: Moving bus stops to the street and having Lines 43 and 44 serve them

A better Steel Bridge bus bridge: Saving money during the August 2008 Steel Bridge closure

Hillsdale Transit Center: Improving transfers between the 9 different bus lines at SW Capitol Hwy and Sunset

Line 43, not 39 for Lewis & Clark: Why Line 43 should serve the college instead of having Line 39 go downtown

Running Line 10 as a loop: one-way east of I-205

Logical places for Line 16 bus stops: near downtown Portland

Improving Line 33 connections: to other eastside lines at SE Grand and Madison

Improving the Line 89 schedule: showing that it actually operates as a loop

Swapping Lines 32 & 33 in Oregon City: Creating direct and local routes

Keeping 15 on Morrison past 18th

Moving Tigard TC: Allowing buses (like Line 94) to stay on highway and serve it via pullouts

Using deadheading buses for the TX

By Jason McHuff,