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See the location and details of the next vehicles to a stop using Google Maps

Have questions? Read the background and notes below

Static version (simple):

Enter Stop ID(s):


Select a line:
and direction:

Dark markers represent selected stops. *Detour(s) in effect

Interactive version:

Enter Stop ID(s):

OR load the map and pick a stop by selecting a route and direction at bottom

Interactive version (older, map only):

Enter Stop ID(s):

Like the version above, but all details are contained in the pop-up bubbles.
Also, this will follow the same-numbered arrival and not necessarily the same vehicle, and vehicles whose location is unknown are not shown.


Route and arrival data provided by permission of TriMet

TriMet's buses and trains send their current location about every 30 seconds or so to TriMet's computer system and they have made this real-time data publicly available. When my Web site receives a request for updated data, it in turn asks TriMet's system for current data, formats the reply and sends it on to your browser.

I am not a programmer per se, but happened to come across this post by TriMet programmer Frank Purcell which linked to the output and allowed me to see the latitude/longitude data in it. I believed that latitude and longitude belong on a map and had already done work in PHP for my photo albums (which started out as Oberkampf), and figured it wouldn't be too hard to use Google Maps to do it.


By Jason McHuff,