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Other creations

non-Portland Mall related ones

1st & Arthur area map

Sector moves

39th Avenue bus stops: Comparing local stops on Line 75 to express stops on Lines 66 and 74

Line 63 vs Washington Park Shuttle: a route comparison

Line 72 vs MAX Green Line: Bus ridership before and after the MAX opening

Bus layovers at TriMet's Beaverton TC

Google Earth KMZ files: showing TriMet service

C-TRAN I-5 service: Combined schedule of Portland-Vancouver express routes 105, 134, 157 and 199

Drop-off in Line 94 loads: past Barbur TC and through Tigard

TriMet's long Line 12

MAX Light Rail loads/station activity

A better MAX Light Rail map

North vs south park blocks: street grid differences

Same bus ad, place; different times

South of Mall diagram

Portland Streetcar map

February 2021 Texas cold snap issues: Issues that those in Texas faced or may have faced due to cold weather and lack of preparedness

NW Oregon/SW Washington transit connections: As of 2011

West side vs east side street names: comparing where many are the same

WES vs pre-WES travel times: commuter rail vs TriMet/SMART buses between Beaverton and Wilsonville

WES vs. buses from Portland: commuter rail vs TriMet/SMART buses from Portland to Wilsonville

By Jason McHuff,