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Education (draft)

teachers vs. students, parents, admin, funding, politics, regulations

• School choice can be problematic—some can get left behind; transportation

• Less students in public schools can mean less funding yet not less costs

• Private schools pick and choose

• Need better parenting

• Parents not accepting that child isn't perfect/pressure to perform

• Parents less able to help kids due to work, family issues etc. like in old days

Kids coming from households with money, other issues and not ready to learn

40% of Oregon babies face poverty, violence, drugs, hunger, homelessness, etc.

• Separate kids into different classes based on ability and skill; no one-size-fits-all

• Worry about improvement, not grades; some may have started at a low level

• May be overly focused on testing; not creating robots

• Year-round schools as option to lessen knowledge loss and keep students busy

• Loss of factory jobs for lower-educated people

• College tuition cost increases

By Jason McHuff,