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MAX Light Rail


Old routes

Tri-Met Sector Symbols

-Cedar Mill road names

Also Portland streets--Hawthorne=Asylum Street, Division=Section Line Road, Stark=Baseline MLK=Union
SE Division=NW in Gresham (Powell is base for north/south in Gresham, vs Burnside in Portland)
per ZehnKatzen Times 1, 2, 3, 4, rootsweb

-Health Effects of Air Pollution
-Clackamas Town Center urban renewal paying for roads
-climate change (from KATU)
-gated communities

transit journeys
Loren Petrich's MAX map
ASCII TriMet map
MAX A Success in Light Rail Transit, WIRED cars blog
Oregon Art Beat - Trimet Glass video
Pacific Views Cooper's Hawk Rides Portland's Light Rail
Wandering Coyote Booted from Airport Hops Train Instead (TriMet press release wondering if it had a vaild fare)
Amalgamated Transit Union - Local 757 - History
Bicycle Expenditures with Some Context, Commissioner Sam's blog
Subsidies keep flights going at tiny airports. Are they necessary? by USA TODAY
Highway Finance - Highway Statistics 2003 - FHWA

"Roughly 20 cities in Oregon have enacted such a [street] fee." -Commissioner Sam's blog
suburbs require LIFT usage (can't walk to bus stop) --TIP?
Tualatin parks const. funding?
-WA fuel has no sales tax
-Portland, ME sewer overflows

Feds say 1/2 fares for senior citizens, per Cherriots director Kelly (June special? meeting)
cincy also has sewer overflow problems per Congressman Earl B. (08/05/08 mtg in Salem
-also, OR gas tax pays for 27% per Gail Atcherman, who also says that LRT is $6M/mi vs $10 for avg fwy lane

MAX vs. fire truck
Seattle article on MAX

Old topo maps of Portland 1, 2

Airport MAX crash

The Mighty 6
Labor press, Portland Tribune, Oregonian search
The Commuting Chronicles
Oregonian commuting blog

"Express is service that skips a significant segment of the typical route path, Limited is service that only serves limited/major stops during a segment of the typical route path" per Mike Gilligan

Transportation: $232/month

TriMet "Guess this Route" 1, 2, 3

Video of Tillamook-Portland bus route


bus operator's jobs:
-Customer service
--Knowledge of transit system, destinations
-Operate lift/ramp, handicap help
-Fare sales
-Fare inspector (Mary Fetsch says "informer")

Green power stuff:
(shared) green power is like better countertops in shared new home
bike or train is best green vehicle

Combine Metro, Multnomah/Washington/Clackamas county portions, TriMet, ?

--see Wikipedia: Oregon Ballot Measure 5 (1990)

Poor transit service from Clark County to Rivergate in North Portland

City of Portland E-Files (search for both trimet and tri-met)

Wilsonville SMART history -what about PDF boards?

Up until January 2007, I had a key to the [Union Station] tower because we had some cranky old PCs in a room up there, used to send schedule displays to the bus shelters in Old Town. As much as I enjoyed my visits to the upstairs of the building, with all the oak flooring and beautiful construction, I certainly don't miss those PCs." --Jeff Frane

Portlanders ahead of curve, put cars at curb
"In Portland, the average motorist drove 4,403 miles in 2006, the latest figures available. That compares with more than 9,000 for the rest of the nation."

Old Portland street images, more

YouTube - Getting Around Portland in the 21st Century - Transit

OPB News: More Than Commuters Will Be Affected by Columbia River Crossing project

Oregon DOT history

My Flickr slideshow

TriMet people on Classmates and LinkedIn

tax-free parking

What can Portland teach Los Angeles about transportation?, LA Times Bottleneck Blog

The Portland of Robert Moses, Cafe Unknown

a post on on all the ways that we subsidize auto drivers

Portland ranks ninth in nation for fewest miles driving

Portland's good, but it's no Lancaster, in one transit measure

Department of Revenue: Business Taxes Mass Transit District Payroll/Excise Tax

According to the APTA fact book, TriMet has the 10th highest amount of transit system boardings in the country. While it is 18th in passenger miles carried, 5 of the addional ones above it (get less trips than TriMet but more passenger miles) operate commuter rail or similar lines which are used for longer trips. This includes both NYC commuter rail lines, SF BART, Chicago's Metra, Atlanta, Maryland. Also, Denver's RTD has almost exactly one more passenger mile per reported boarding than TriMet.

Secured airport lands don't need policing to watch over people; also less chance of someone starting a fire

New links 2

including Measure 26-74-Tri-Met South/North Light Rail Bond

In Both Ears talent roster featuring Jodi Lorimer, MAX announcement voice

Ride Connection\'s Washington County U-Ride

The mistake made etching Pi into the Washington Park station wall Forum

WES car details: TriMet DMU 1001 and TriMet aero cab trailer 2001

Portland Real Distance Metro Map: to-scale MAX Light Rail map (see mine under My TriMet creations in My Photos); also has a complete opening timeline

Oregonian Newspaper Index Search Page: Headlines about TriMet

Two Google News Archive articles showing how TriMet couldn\'t continue the service to Yamhill County inherited from the Blue Lines because it was outside the district.

Video of Wilsonville mayor discussing SMART Central building construction

Video: SMART- On Track to the Future

November 1998 General Election results

By Jason McHuff,