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Gay rights/"gay marriage"

Governments should hand out Civil Partnerships (that dictate legal terms) and let religions decide what they want to recognize as "marriage".

"Marriage" to many means love and other things that the government can or should not dictate.


• People, government shouldn't be able to tell others who they can love

• People shouldn't force views on others if they don't want views forced on them

• Conservatives who seem to be anti-gay seem to not like intrusion into lives

• Marriage seems to be a religious institution, government shouldn't make choices

Replace marriage licenses with legal partnerships, like for businesses

• Doesn't harm marriage, just a word change

• Religious aren't forced to accept marriage of gays, gays can't impose their views

• Give gays hospitalization visitation rights and other legal privileges they want

• Need a way for people to authorize someone else to speak for them

By Jason McHuff,