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Immigration (draft)

Debate figuratively stops at boarder ("should they be allowed to stay, or should they be sent back")

No discussion of why they're so desperate to come, even willing to be kidnapped

US trade, drug, etc policies affect them


• Hear stories of people allowing themselves to be kidnapped to get in

• Tells me either we have a biblical land of plenty or they feel they can't stay in their former country

• Movie seen in high school of fatories making US goods taking up resources (e.g. water)

• Drug trade and US attempts at eradicating plants

• Don't see any talk of why people feel the need to illegally come here

• We are all immigrants—illegal, descendants or enabled by them

• "Illegal immigration began in 1492"

Cost, etc. comparison between illegal workers and legal American ones

• Philosophical question of whether we want the immigrants

• What are the costs and benefits of having the immigrants?

By Jason McHuff,