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This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by TriMet transit in the rose city...maybe even Rose City Transit


See the location and details of all TriMet buses and MAX trains

Check how well (or not so well) the TriMet system is functioning, or even the status of the vehicle you're on.

Read the background and notes below, launch the Static or Interactive versions or:

  1. Select which version to use:
  2. Select what to filter by:
    If filtering to specific lines/blocks/vehicles, separate them with commas (do not use spaces):
  3. Select which vehicles to show:
  4. If using the interactive version, select what the icons show:


Route and arrival data provided by permission of TriMet

TriMet's buses and trains send their current locations to TriMet's computer system and they have made this real-time data publicly available. When my Web site receives a request for updated data, it in turn asks TriMet's system for current data, formats the reply and sends it on to your browser.


By Jason McHuff,