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Other ideas/views

TriMet Budget speech: Possibly from January 2016

Going the other way on fares (2011): Written in early 2011 when another fare increase was planned

Simplifying the TriMet fare system (2005): From a list submitted at the September 2005 TriMet Board of Directors meeting and given to TriMet's strategic planner at the time

Removing more of Harbor Drive: An alternative to the "Harrison Roadway" street/streetcar connection

My response to Jerry Boone on WES: E-mail sent after his October 23, 2006 column in The Oregonian

North Broadway

Alternatives to Powell Garage Employee Shuttles: Regarding TriMet Board Resolution 18-12-80

Ross Island Bridge ramps

NE Sandy Blvd/Fremont St/72nd Ave intersection: How to reduce delays/congestion at a complicated intersection

Re-configuring the Steel Bridge ramps: more room and better connections for Waterfront Park, removal of a barrier and less traffic delays

TriMet Trip Planner idea: integrating it more with their interactive map

By Jason McHuff,