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This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by TriMet transit in the rose city...maybe even Rose City Transit


1985 map (Palm): Pictures taken of the 1985 "Portland Area Map & Transit Guide" at the Multnomah County Central Library with a Palm Zire 71 PDA (23 photos)

TriMet bus stops: My photos related to bus stops (74 photos)

Bybee Blvd. Bridge: Bridge over McLoughlin Blvd. (Oregon Route 99E) and Union Pacific Railroad tracks In response to a request on Portland Transport by contributor Bob Richardson (31 photos)

TriMet documents: Various documents relating to capital projects and other things (77 photos)

Misc Portland transit: (45 photos)

Misc transit (phone): (51 photos)

TriMet (Palm): Various TriMet-related pictures taken in and around Portland, Oregon (75 photos)

TriMet (phone): (79 photos)

By Jason McHuff,