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• How much crime is drug or drug-related?

• Focus on prevention, not punishment

• Costly to prosecute, house, feed and care; also loss of potential tax revenues

• Better to have tax paying citizens than tax draining ones

• Funding for longer sentences should be attached to measures

• Most victims would probably like crime not to happen than have person jailed

• Good economy providing good lives for people a good preventer

• Government fails it's citizens, the citizens fail the community

• Time in the corner (jail) can be useful, and provide a wake-up or time to detach

• Death penalty in Oregon a costly farce that hasn't involuntarily killed anyone

• Branding crimes as domestic terrorism is arguably unconstitutional

Max Williams, Oregon's departing prison chief, won over skeptics

• Provide firefighter nets for suicidal subjects to give soft landing and prevent death

By Jason McHuff,