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Line 72 vs MAX Green Line

Bus ridership before and after the MAX opening

Northbound Line 72 passenger loads in Fall 2008 vs loads on the 72 and the parallel MAX Green Line in Fall 2009. While the 72 did see a drop in ridership, the ridership on the combination of the 72 and MAX is much higher than just the ridership on the 72 before MAX. And as shown in the other charts, 2008 was an extraordinary year with the highest ridership ever on the 72. Given the economy and other factors, such as fuel prices, ridership on the 72 may have dropped some even without a parallel MAX line opening.

Overall, on weekdays in Fall 2009, 4,065 boarded the Green Line northbound at the new stations along I-205 and 4,449 got off there southbound, for a total weekday ridership in that segment of 8,514.


Note: All of the charts show northbound Line 72 passenger loads and in all the big change in the middle (just past NE 82nd & Multnomah) occurs right at the MAX station.

Time-wise, Line 72 trips leaving Clackamas Town Center from 4:25-5:01 PM are scheduled to take 40 minutes to reach the MAX station at 82nd Ave. Adding the 3 minutes it takes MAX to travel from there to Gateway TC and up to up to 5 minutes to transfer (or if the bus arrives late) results in up to a 48-minute travel time from Clackamas to Gateway using Line 72. At just 16 minutes the Green Line is three times faster.

By Jason McHuff,