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A better MAX Light Rail map

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Unlike the official map, this one is geographically correct (At full size, 1 pixel=100 feet).

Made using official TriMet data that\'s been made publicly available for Google Transit and others. Data was loaded into a spreadsheet and converted to SVG coordinates using the formulas:


*256198: convert to feet (from this calculator, using average of the top- and bottom-most latitudes)

+62766218: Move the data points so the lowest values are zero (this makes the base/origin be 0,0)

/100: Shrink image

+10: Create whitespace/border area, so that the paths do not go to the edge of the image

and 430-(((Latitudes*364641)-16587582)/100).

Similar, but using "430-" instead of "+10" since Y values in SVG start counting from the top instead of the bottom

This map is also available in SVG format at Wikipedia

By Jason McHuff,