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Line 63 vs Washington Park Shuttle

a route comparison

Note how both follow the same route for much of the length, especially traveling from the zoo (left to right). In addition, there is zero to little ridership in the "E" segment. Better ideas would be to:

Combine the 63 & Washington Park Shuttle by reversing the shuttle loop for direct service to Fairview in the afternoon; AM rush hour bus would travel to SW 18th via Fairview/Tichner (63 route) instead of shuttle route (which isn\'t really needed anyways at that time) for direct service


Combine but both ways via Fairview (adds service from Arboretum to Zoo; removes service from scenic Kingston park route/archery range and "E" segment)


Have 63 be rush hours only (maybe loop via Sunset Hwy in non-peak dir) and run shuttle all year on at least reduced freq (e.g. one bus)


If travel time wasn\'t an issue, cross to/from 18 route via Tichner; travel PGE Park-Hillside-Fairview-Washington Park

--Also end route at Salmon--5 mins spent going to PGE Park/NW Couch and back could be used to increase freq to 20 mins

By Jason McHuff,