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Future official TriMet rail map?

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Extraction of Page 8 from the updated Community Building Sourcebook: Land Use & Transportation Initiatives in Portland, Oregon


-Shows commuter rail (now Westside Express Service) as the purple line (a color used in other transit systems to designate commuter rail)

-Does not show Red Line extension past Beaverton TC, which is mentioned in the Transit Investment Plan

-I believe it shows the old station names for 5th/6th Avenues (section where Green and Yellow Lines are combined) from before they changed the design and moved some of the middle stations to the north

--It looks a little odd having those stations placed so far from the Red/Blue Lines crossing, though it does make it look nicer

--in fact, the "Pioneer Sq" stations should be between the Red/Blue Lines

-Does not show name change from Portland Blvd to Rosa Parks Way, though this (I think) is a somewhat recent event

By Jason McHuff,