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Alternatives to Powell Garage Employee Shuttles

Regarding TriMet Board Resolution 18-12-80

Testimony given in response to TriMet Board Resolution 18-12-80, which authorized a contract with a private company to shuttle employees to/from Powell Garage while construction took up on-site parking

First of all, it is good to see this project as my understanding that Powell is cramped for operators, mechanics and soon (if not now) bus parking. For example, I believe that operators do not have access to showers and the fitness center has been housed in a temporary trailer.

SP+ (formerly Standard Parking) is not a local company, and TriMet would be paying their overhead expenses, the same tasks which TriMet already performs, as well as presumably a profit. In addition, their vehicles and employees would presumably not be based at Powell Garage like TriMet employees could be and would have to deadhead to and from their site.

Also regarding Resolution 18-12-85, look into having a property management firm that can lease the Columbia Blvd site until it's needed, e.g. for vehicle or material storage. This could generate some income and turn the liability into an asset.

By Jason McHuff,