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Simplifying the TriMet fare system (2005)

From a list submitted at the September 2005 TriMet Board of Directors meeting and given to TriMet's strategic planner at the time

See current TriMet fares and fares effective September 1, 2010

Note that the new "Reduced" fare could be half the price of a regular Adult fare. This would mean that there would need to be only three types of tickets (half-price/Reduced, full price/Adult and double/Day Pass) and that combinations of lower-priced tickets could be given/used in lieu of higher-priced ones.

In addition, the 14-day passes could be eliminated seeing that they provide little savings compared to two 7-day passes and reduced-price (non-adult all-zone) 7-day passes introduced instead.

And for comparison, the current Cherriots Fares and their Fare Increase. Note how their day pass currently costs double the regular fare and is proposed to be more than it. And as noted above, their "cash fares" are for a single ride only as they do not give out free transfers.

By Jason McHuff,