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Swapping Lines 32 & 33 in Oregon City

Creating direct and local routes

The red line shows the proposed Line 32 route and the blue line shows the Line 33 one

The routing of Lines 32 and 33 would be switched so that Line 32 uses Beavercreek, Linn, Division, 12th, Washington and High (where the transit center is within walking distance on 11th) and Line 33 uses Molalla, 7th (where there\'s a business area), Washington and 12th, traveling directly to Clackamas Community College.

Line 33 could still divert over to the government campus using Warner-Milne and Beavercreek. In the Gladstone area at the top, a loop idea that could be used by Oregon City-only buses to serve the area is shown.

By Jason McHuff,