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Improving the Line 89 schedule
showing that it actually operates as a loop

TriMet Line 89 schedule idea
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As seen on the map, the western portion of Line 89 is split into two halves, a northern “via Bronson” one and a southern “via Cornell” one. Buses alternate between the two, and the line operates hourly on the weekends.

The real problem with Line 89
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It is not evident that the buses actually switch between the Bronson and Cornell halves at the western end of the route and continue on the other one back to Sunset TC. Moreover, given the low frequency on the route, this is very useful–many times taking a bus that’s currently headed towards Tanasbourne (the opposite direction) will get you towards Sunset TC earlier. On weekends, as the highlighted column in the image above shows, buses only travel each direction of each half (e.g. east on Cornell) every two hours.

In addition, this would also help people trying to get between the two halves of the route.


89 Sunset TC via Tanasbourne?
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Top shows a sample trip planner trip and the bottom shows “service at a location” output;
note the “89 Sunset TC via Tanasbourne” which is not used elsewhere

Trip planner knows that Line 89 is a loop
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I don’t think the “89 Sunset TC” is correct, but note the “which continues as”

Line 89 schedule vs. the trip planner
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The “To Sunset” schedule (top) sounds like all trips start at the same stop, when half of them actually start at the stop across the street. The trip planner (bottom) correctly shows that only the “B” trips actually stop there–that there really is no 6:31am, 8:31am, 10:31am, etc Line 89 buses at Stop ID 10039.

By Jason McHuff,