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Line 43, not 39 for Lewis & Clark

Why Line 43 should serve the college instead of having Line 39 go downtown

BACKGROUND: Line 39 is an underperforming route and was cancelled on the weekends starting Fall 2009. Part of the reason for its low ridership is that Lewis & Clark College has its own private RAZ-operated shuttles, including the Pioneer Express, which provides direct service to downtown Portland. Lewis & Clark is requesting that Line 39 be extended to downtown Portland in exchange for the cancellation of at least their downtown shuttle and using the money to purchase transit passes for possibly all students and employees.

Below is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Lewis & Clark regarding my views on their request:

Overall, I want to give you credit for actively pursuing this. Combining the shuttles with the 39 is among my ideas for improving TriMet; however, it was not something that I thought could be done since I didn\'t think that L&C was willing to give up the shuttles. But have you considered asking TriMet to bring Line 43 onto campus instead of having the 39 continue to downtown? It seems like it would be a much better solution since:

By Jason McHuff,