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Westside MAX connections

-Tunnel should really go from Washington Park to PSU (straight east but means going under private property)

-Extra transfer or circuitous routing from Goose Hollow to PSU or S/SE buses (Jefferson to 18th up to Yamhill/Morrison to 5th/6th and back down to/past Jefferson)

--especially when mall was closed and it could require going over to 3rd and then back to Broadway (Jefferson to 18th up to Yamhill/Morrison to 3rd/4th, back down past Jefferson, back over to Broadway)

-Jefferson/Columbia buses NEED to all serve 18th (have buses just stop there and make loop to/from layover)

-Have free shuttle from downtown (MAX/mall buses/parking garages) to/from PGE Park events (like Oakland AirBART) or extend cross mall tracks to there

By Jason McHuff,