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Facts on Milwaukie MAX

TriMet\'s Web pages

City of Milwaukie\'s Web pages

On funding with state lottery money:

On serving OMSI:

[President Nancy Stueber] thinks the planned addition of light rail and streetcar stops near the site in the next few years will aid OMSI\'s development


"Today when I was driving around and couldn\'t find a place to park, I thought, \'Gosh, it sure would be nice to just hop on the train,\'" said Shawna Shoemake, who lives in Clackamas County.

--Expansion, development plans for Portland\'s OMSI, nearby land put on hold, Steve Beaven, The Oregonian, March 22, 2010

Also: Milwaukie TC makeover

Jackson Street Improvement Project city page

Construction on Jackson Street is Ready to Begin

Note that MAX might eliminate the transit center functions there if bus stops are moved to the rail line; however local buses (non-33/99) might be able to serve it.

By Jason McHuff,