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Recent Tri-Met Press Releases

10/03/97: Officials to ignite "Golden Weld" -- final link on east/west MAX
10/01/97: Boarding MAX gets easier
09/23/97: Service Suggestion Workshops
8/29/97: Tri-Met schedules change
8/08/97: Citizens committee announces officers, members
8/04/97: Police move expands Tri-Met security
7/23/97: Tri-Met ridership hits record high - Nearly 3 million more rides than last year!
7/10/97: Rail~Volution '97 transit conference on track for St. Louis
7/07/97: Move increases Tri-Met security
7/07/97: Tri-Met board members appointed
6/26/97: Tri-Met Seeks Bus Operators
6/26/97: Discounted Tri-Met Passes, Transit Center OKed for PSU
6/25/97: Board Adopts Budget
6/23/97: Tri-Met seeks Art Advisory Committee Volunteers
6/19/97: Tri-Met thanks employers
6/11/97: Tri-Met Airshow Service
6/10/97: More MAX on Saturdays
5/22/97: "The Pass" returns for summertime fun
5/22/97: Tri-Met on holiday schedule Monday
5/8/97: Steel Bridge closes partially May 13 through 16.
4/14/97: Suburban Communities Select Innovative Transit Projects
4/01/97: Subaru carpool for you?
3/27/97: Tri-Met Proposes $9 Million in Service Increases for Next Year
3/11/97: PSU Transportation Researchers look at Internet
3/04/97: Tri-Met seeks part-time bus operators

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