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4/1497: Suburban Communities Select Innovative Transit Projects
4/1/97: Subaru carpool for you?
3/27/97: Tri-Met Proposes $9 Million in Service Increases for Next Year
3/11/97: PSU Transportation Researchers look at Internet
3/04/97: Take Tri-Met to the Smithsonian
3/04/97: Tri-Met seeks part-time bus operators
2/07/97: Tri-Met Ridership Soars: People with disabilities ride Tri-Met in record number on ADA deadline
2/04/97: Citizens help guide Tri-Met security: a new citizens advisory committee will help guide Tri-Met security beginning this week
1/31/97: Late night traffic detours to install Hwy 26 pedestrian bridge
1/16/97: Citizen committee recommends innovative suburban transit ideas to preserve livability where 70% of future growth will occur
12/12/96: Tri-Met brightens holidays with free airport shuttles, rides New Year's Eve
12/6/96: Free Tri-Met holiday shuttles to PDX
12/6/96: Tri-Met OKs smaller buses, improvements for King City
12/6/96: Night Stop is back
12/6/96: Tri-Met improves ticket vending machines
8/6/96: MAX's 10th Birthday Kid's Creative Contest
8/5/96: Fee begins for Gresham Park & Ride garage
7/26/96: Tri-Met ridership hits record high
7/17/96: Tri-Met Park & Ride opens in Tigard
7/16/96: Gresham Park & Ride garage open for business
7/11/96: Get Ready for Air Quality Alerts
7/11/96: Tri-Met airshow service
6/27/96: Prescription for traffic congestion
6/11/96: Kruse Way Shuttle Called off
6/11/96: Tri-Met Executive Director resigns to pursue other opportunities
6/4/96: Traveling to the Grand Floral Parade?
6/4/96: Tri-Met begins service to River Place
6/4/96: Tri-Met bargain continues for PSU
5/30/96: Take Tri-Met to the Starlight Parade
5/16/96: Bike event will cause some Tri-Met bus detours, delays
5/16/96: Tri-Met thanks organizations for donating parking spaces, making it easier to park the car and ride the bus or MAX
5/9/96: Tri-Met Increases Security
4/9/96: Riding MAX, buses easier for non-English speaking customers
4/3/96: Minor MAX delays
4/1/96: 3.2 million more rides on Tri-Met
3/28/96: Tri-Met Helps Keep Field Trips an Option for School Kids
3/13/96: Tri-Met Service Increases in FY97 Budget
2/28/96: Westside Light Rail on Budget
2/27/96: AmeriCorps Rider Advocates
2/26/96: Check received for Light Rail Construction
2/13/96: Shuttle buses set for MAX customers
2/26/96: Check received for Light Rail Construction
2/13/96: Shuttle buses set for MAX customers
1/18/96: Elmonica Maintenance Facility Dedication
12/29/95: Tunnel Hole Through!
12/29/95: New Year's Eve Service
12/15/95: Free Tri-Met shuttles to PDX start December 20
12/01/95: Tri-Met expands bus service in Happy Valley, Sunnyside
11/22/95: Tri-Met serves downtown shoppers, merchants, neighbors
11/21/95: Free Tri-Met shuttles to PDX start November 21
10/16/95: Thousands Found that MAX Gets you Closer: MAX ridership nearly doubles as spectators took Tri-Met to the Rose Garden opening
10/12/95: Construction Closes Turn Lanes on Burnside at 102nd
10/2/95: Ten Percent Jump in Summer Sales
9/29/95: Parking and riding Tri-Met gets easier in Gateway
9/25/95: Explore Tri-Met's Worldwide Transit Station
9/19/95: Tri-Met's Class Pass Offers Affordable Field Trips for Students, Educators
8/31/95: Tri-Met Promotes Development Around Light Rail Stations
8/29/95: Two Downtown MAX Stations Close for Improvements
8/28/95: Tri-Met Announces New Bus Routes, Improvements
8/23/95: Westside Light Rail Project to Finish Within Budget
8/21/95: Marquam Hill Traffic, Parking Solution Announced
8/16/95: Bicyclists Peddle to New Tri-Met Record

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