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Productive drug use prevention (draft)


-Education, including using former addicts for DARE and being honest with students instead of trying to scare them (classic DARE can introduce kids to types of drugs and get them thinking about them)

-Ensure people have their basic necessities met (good upbringing, education, good job opportunities and overall decent lives) and therefore don't have reasons/desires to fall into addiction

-Attack actual supply including international issues, not just low-level dealers


-Real treatment, including impatient beds

-Trustable govenment that can require involuntary treatment

-Provide diversion to low-level dealers (give them a better option) if they give up sources

-Ask why people develop addictions

drug addiction cage

Old ideas:

• Are we providing treatment to all those who could use it?

• Focus on treatment, stay punishment if treatment is accepted and practiced

• Except for industry/lobbying, why is tobacco legal but weed not?

• Not right that a company can addict you to their product

• Go after higher-level dealers; provide leniency to lower-level for providing info

89 percent of the inmate population entered prison addicted to drugs or alcohol

By Jason McHuff,