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Abortions (draft)

The "A" word

Don't prohibit, prevent.

Don't think many "pro" people actually think it should freely happen

Also help people be less inclined to make risky decisions, and on the other side make it so that parents are ensured that they'll have the support needed to take care of the child (or that adoption is possible). Unfortunately, those against abortion seem to also be opposed to these things.


• Controversial issue/touchy subject

• Understand "killing babies" argument

• Conservatives who seem to be against it seem to not like intrusion into lives

• What about the financial, psychological "Life of the mother"?

• Need pain-free transfer of unwanted babies

• Are opponents willing to raise any unwanted children without tax breaks?

• Opponents killing doctors

• What do women think? It's their bodies (need good survey)

• Better to educate and prevent so the decision doesn't have to be made

• May still be needed as last resort (3% of Planned Parenthood funding)

• Compare to a tree seedling still underground

• High hurdle to cross to tell what someone can't do and gets stuck with

By Jason McHuff,