TriMet vehicle 320, block 9042 (trip)

As of Monday May 25th, 2020 2:51:21 AM:

Map (c) OpenStreetMap contributors and Thunderforest

Reported: 2:05:27 AM,   Stale at: 2:09:27 AM

Destination: Not in Service,   Code: 46

48:57 minutes LATE,   Scheduled at: 1:16:30 AM

Previous scheduled stop ID: 12457 (#3 on trip)

Next scheduled stop ID: 12455 (#4 on trip)

Garage: ELMO

A cab radio: Elmonica Yard at 1:44:54 AM

B cab radio: MAX West at 1:48:55 AM

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Route and arrival data provided by permission of TriMet

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