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00:00:08Bus call 2425k
00:00:26MOW SIG 16k
00:00:28MAX East32k
00:00:35MOW SIG 121k
00:00:41MAX East31k
00:00:43Ruby Jct Yard75k
00:00:44MOW SIG 163k
00:00:53Bus call 6352k
00:01:01MOW SIG 127k
00:01:04Ruby Jct Yard36k
00:01:09MAX West79k
00:01:22Ruby Jct Yard53k
00:01:25MAX East35k
00:01:25MAX West231k
00:01:25Bus Dispatch9k
00:01:32Bus Dispatch180k
00:01:39Ruby Jct Yard77k
00:02:02MAX East38k
00:02:10MAX West42k
00:02:11Bus Dispatch23k
00:02:14MAX East69k
00:02:21MAX West235k
00:03:14MAX West56k
00:03:27MAX West24k
00:03:35MAX West60k
00:03:36MAX East39k
00:03:45MAX East86k
00:03:47MAX West51k
00:04:20MAX West42k
00:04:31MAX West181k
00:04:45MAX East9k
00:04:47LIFT call 378k
00:04:51MAX East9k
00:04:55MAX East27k
00:05:03MAX East18k
00:05:09MAX East115k
00:05:35Ruby Jct Yard50k
00:05:41MAX East14k
00:05:52MAX Central35k
00:06:03MAX Central50k
00:06:26MAX East96k
00:06:30LIFT call 3357k
00:06:40MAX West218k
00:06:51MAX Central13k
00:06:57MAX Central57k
00:07:15Elmonica Yard14k
00:07:18Bus call 6337k
00:07:19Elmonica Yard93k
00:07:27MAX West67k
00:07:40MAX West43k
00:07:44Ruby Jct Yard23k
00:07:52Ruby Jct Yard57k
00:08:12Ruby Jct Yard14k
00:08:15MAX East12k
00:08:19MAX East140k
00:09:09MAX East14k
00:09:17MAX East51k
00:09:43Ruby Jct Yard61k
00:09:46MAX East64k
00:10:08Ruby Jct Yard24k
00:10:15MAX East84k
00:10:16Ruby Jct Yard23k
00:10:17MAX Central15k
00:10:23MAX Central36k
00:10:37MAX East47k
00:11:10MAX East30k
00:11:25LIFT call 314k
00:11:32MAX West136k
00:11:39Ruby Jct Yard45k
00:11:50MOW SIG 116k
00:11:53Elmonica Yard14k
00:11:54Bus Dispatch7k
00:11:56MOW SIG 116k
00:11:56MAX West56k
00:11:58Elmonica Yard148k
00:11:59Bus Dispatch137k
00:12:08MAX West197k
00:12:09MOW SIG 112k
00:12:32Bus Dispatch37k
00:12:45Bus Dispatch58k
00:12:46MAX East9k
00:12:49MAX West165k
00:12:52MAX East50k
00:12:58LIFT call 3367k
00:13:08MAX East28k
00:13:19MAX Central47k
00:13:23MAX West47k
00:13:25Ruby Jct Yard17k
00:13:30Ruby Jct Yard29k
00:13:32MAX Central20k
00:13:39Ruby Jct Yard103k
00:13:40MAX Central204k
00:13:43MAX East104k
00:13:55MAX West89k
00:14:15MAX West247k
00:15:01MAX West37k
00:15:06MAX East33k
00:15:32MAX East106k
00:15:50MAX West95k
00:16:09MAX West48k
00:16:24MAX East53k
00:16:31MAX West76k
00:30:06MAX Central27k
00:30:56MAX West125k
00:31:01MAX East13k
00:31:12MAX East38k
00:31:45Elmonica Yard184k
00:31:50MAX West265k
00:32:01Ruby Jct Yard30k
00:32:58Elmonica Yard36k
00:32:58MAX East82k
00:33:06MAX Central51k
00:33:15Elmonica Yard119k
00:33:19MAX East18k
00:33:25MAX East28k
00:33:40MAX East22k
00:33:50MAX East16k
00:33:56Elmonica Yard12k
00:33:56MAX East26k
00:34:01Elmonica Yard130k
00:34:34Elmonica Yard76k
00:34:52Ruby Jct Yard66k
00:35:01MAX West68k
00:35:11Ruby Jct Yard44k
00:35:31Bus Dispatch161k
00:35:55Ruby Jct Yard113k
00:36:06MOW SIG 126k
00:36:06Bus Dispatch81k
00:36:15MAX Central54k
00:36:25Bus Dispatch14k
00:36:28MAX West71k
00:36:30Bus Dispatch110k
00:36:38Elmonica Yard14k
00:37:17MAX Central52k
00:37:30Ruby Jct Yard39k
00:37:59MAX East65k
00:38:19MOW SIG 119k
00:42:55Bus Dispatch6k
00:43:06MAX East47k
00:48:48MAX East39k
00:48:48MAX West38k
00:50:13MAX East74k
00:51:14Ruby Jct Yard53k
00:51:19Elmonica Yard8k
00:51:22MAX West14k
01:02:04MAX East62k
01:02:42MAX East58k
01:02:57MAX East8k
01:04:17Elmonica Yard169k
01:05:12Ruby Jct Yard18k
01:05:13MAX East23k
01:05:17Ruby Jct Yard21k
01:05:21MAX East32k
01:07:29MAX East53k
01:07:53MAX East23k
01:08:15MAX East58k
01:17:40MAX East7k
01:21:13MAX West37k
01:21:15MAX Central20k
01:21:22MAX Central95k
01:21:24MAX East16k
01:21:29MAX East42k
01:21:39MAX East89k
01:21:41Elmonica Yard9k
01:21:46Elmonica Yard201k
01:21:46MAX Central68k
01:22:11Ruby Jct Yard14k
01:22:18Ruby Jct Yard44k
01:22:27Elmonica Yard12k
01:22:28Ruby Jct Yard43k
01:23:11Elmonica Yard46k
01:23:50MAX East132k
01:24:17Elmonica Yard20k
01:24:23Elmonica Yard57k
01:24:23MAX East36k
01:24:38Elmonica Yard185k
01:25:18Ruby Jct Yard18k
01:25:24Ruby Jct Yard46k
01:25:25Elmonica Yard35k
01:25:36Ruby Jct Yard8k
01:25:37Elmonica Yard115k
01:26:50MAX East22k
01:26:55MAX East23k
01:27:02MAX East65k
01:27:31Elmonica Yard61k
01:27:40Ruby Jct Yard43k
01:27:46Elmonica Yard13k
01:28:21Ruby Jct Yard98k
01:28:28Elmonica Yard99k
01:28:34MAX Central80k
01:28:54Elmonica Yard7k
01:29:00MAX Central13k
01:29:05MAX Central64k
01:29:25MAX Central23k
01:29:32MAX Central63k
01:29:45MAX West52k
01:29:49MAX Central21k
01:29:49Ruby Jct Yard27k
01:29:55MAX Central31k
01:29:58Ruby Jct Yard88k
01:29:59MAX West10k
01:30:04MAX Central20k
01:30:10MAX Central167k
01:31:00MAX East113k
01:31:21MAX West52k
01:31:38Elmonica Yard15k
01:31:42Elmonica Yard13k
01:32:10MAX East78k
01:32:17MAX Central27k
01:32:28MAX Central28k
01:32:39MAX Central24k
01:32:48MAX Central16k
01:32:59MAX Central8k
01:33:14Elmonica Yard113k
01:33:41Elmonica Yard34k
01:34:39MAX Central14k
01:34:43Ruby Jct Yard130k
01:34:44MAX Central52k
01:34:57MAX Central110k
01:35:01Elmonica Yard59k
01:35:13Ruby Jct Yard51k
01:35:18MAX Central37k
01:35:27Ruby Jct Yard42k
01:35:36Elmonica Yard144k
01:36:06Elmonica Yard10k
01:37:02MAX East15k
01:37:09MAX East25k
01:37:41MAX Central55k
01:38:01Elmonica Yard45k
01:38:01MAX Central63k
01:38:26MAX Central75k
01:38:29Ruby Jct Yard13k
01:38:35Ruby Jct Yard65k
01:38:41MAX East13k
01:38:46MAX East11k
01:38:48MAX Central45k
01:38:51MAX East164k
01:38:55Elmonica Yard34k
01:39:08Elmonica Yard45k
01:39:17Bus Dispatch21k
01:39:21Elmonica Yard19k
01:39:23Bus Dispatch8k
01:39:27MAX West11k
01:39:27Bus Dispatch157k
01:39:32MAX West21k
01:39:55Bus Dispatch7k
01:40:04Bus Dispatch40k
01:40:27Bus Dispatch176k
01:40:51Elmonica Yard55k
01:40:56MAX East9k
01:41:02MAX East44k
01:41:04Bus Dispatch35k
01:41:28Ruby Jct Yard14k
01:41:33MAX East114k
01:41:33Ruby Jct Yard7k
01:41:35Bus Dispatch195k
01:41:38Ruby Jct Yard45k
01:41:47Ruby Jct Yard15k
01:41:53Ruby Jct Yard46k
01:42:55Bus Dispatch70k
01:43:12Bus Dispatch161k
01:43:37MAX West75k
01:43:41Elmonica Yard21k
01:43:41MAX East15k
01:43:41Bus Dispatch39k
01:43:47MAX East22k
01:43:55Elmonica Yard15k
01:44:00Elmonica Yard13k
01:44:01MAX West44k
01:44:14Elmonica Yard14k
01:44:18MAX West64k
01:44:32MAX West56k
01:44:35MAX Central12k
01:44:39MAX Central216k
01:44:45MAX West9k
01:44:59MAX East16k
01:45:04MAX West48k
01:45:05MAX East117k
01:45:17MAX West24k
01:46:01Elmonica Yard13k
01:46:08MAX East65k
01:46:20Elmonica Yard7k
01:46:48MAX East9k
01:46:58MAX East85k
01:47:43MAX East93k
01:48:25MAX East19k
01:48:32MAX East78k
01:48:40MAX West56k
01:48:41Ruby Jct Yard13k
01:48:52Ruby Jct Yard36k
01:48:54Elmonica Yard113k
01:49:05Ruby Jct Yard46k
01:49:11MAX West32k
01:49:18Ruby Jct Yard124k
01:49:21MAX West23k
01:49:56Ruby Jct Yard30k
01:50:59MAX East172k
01:51:54Ruby Jct Yard38k
01:52:03MAX East62k
01:52:18MAX East73k
01:52:37MAX West286k
01:53:55Elmonica Yard21k
01:54:04Elmonica Yard112k
01:54:25Elmonica Yard57k
01:55:03MAX West76k
01:55:20MAX West20k
01:56:27Bus Dispatch235k
01:56:55MAX East14k
01:56:55MAX West32k
01:57:00MAX East20k
01:57:09MAX East65k
01:57:10Bus Dispatch98k
01:57:13MAX West167k
01:57:24MAX East11k
01:57:28Bus Dispatch83k
01:58:28MAX West14k
01:58:30Elmonica Yard9k
01:58:43MAX West179k
01:59:39Ruby Jct Yard35k
01:59:40Elmonica Yard8k
01:59:48Elmonica Yard177k
02:00:29MAX Central39k
02:00:35Elmonica Yard31k
02:01:01Elmonica Yard21k
02:01:10Elmonica Yard26k
02:01:14MAX West118k
02:01:31Bus Dispatch11k
02:01:36Bus Dispatch120k
02:03:53Ruby Jct Yard46k
02:04:05Ruby Jct Yard98k
02:04:52MAX West29k
02:05:02MAX West7k
02:05:07MAX West7k
02:05:37Elmonica Yard56k
02:05:41MAX West60k
02:06:54MAX East39k
02:07:27MAX Central76k
02:07:39Ruby Jct Yard16k
02:07:44MAX West204k
02:07:45MAX Central28k
02:08:04Elmonica Yard40k
02:08:18Elmonica Yard24k
02:08:45MOW OCS 114k
02:08:53MOW OCS 113k
02:09:00Ruby Jct Yard11k
02:09:04Ruby Jct Yard70k
02:09:28Ruby Jct Yard129k
02:09:53Ruby Jct Yard92k
02:10:03MAX Central46k
02:10:19MAX Central131k
02:11:00MAX East58k
02:11:16MAX East41k
02:11:47MAX West99k
02:11:54MAX Central132k
02:12:37MOW OCS 136k
02:12:38Ruby Jct Yard142k
02:12:51MAX West79k
02:13:09MAX West70k
02:13:18Ruby Jct Yard39k
02:13:28MAX West47k
02:13:28Ruby Jct Yard105k
02:13:40MAX West28k
02:13:47MAX West22k
02:15:02Ruby Jct Yard85k
02:15:21MOW OCS 125k
02:15:28MAX West18k
02:15:30MOW OCS 132k
02:15:35MAX West47k
02:15:50MAX West73k
02:16:12Ruby Jct Yard46k
02:17:20MAX West139k
02:17:36Ruby Jct Yard100k
02:18:07MAX East153k
02:18:20MAX West68k
02:18:29Ruby Jct Yard45k
02:18:44MAX East65k
02:19:51Ruby Jct Yard7k
02:19:57Ruby Jct Yard100k
02:20:07Elmonica Yard32k
02:20:16Elmonica Yard52k
02:20:29Elmonica Yard14k
02:21:20Ruby Jct Yard205k
02:21:22MOW OCS 122k
02:21:38MAX East59k
02:21:57Ruby Jct Yard11k
02:23:35MAX East28k
02:23:38Ruby Jct Yard34k
02:23:46Ruby Jct Yard31k
02:24:07MAX West110k
02:24:29MAX West15k
02:24:32Ruby Jct Yard81k
02:24:43Elmonica Yard21k
02:24:53Ruby Jct Yard32k
02:24:54Elmonica Yard16k
02:25:14Ruby Jct Yard8k
02:25:27Ruby Jct Yard133k
02:26:40MAX West58k
02:28:11Elmonica Yard67k
02:28:18Ruby Jct Yard55k
02:28:28Elmonica Yard15k
02:28:30Ruby Jct Yard53k
02:28:38MAX West36k
02:28:54MAX Central16k
02:29:36MAX Central99k
02:30:35MAX East16k
02:30:43MAX East7k
02:30:47MAX East106k
02:31:07Elmonica Yard41k
02:31:21Elmonica Yard11k
02:32:34MAX West75k
02:33:48MAX Central14k
02:34:02MAX Central102k
02:34:21Elmonica Yard31k
02:34:28MAX Central46k
02:34:29Elmonica Yard45k
02:34:41Elmonica Yard10k
02:34:53MAX East25k
02:35:02MAX East73k
02:36:30MAX East46k
02:36:46MAX East8k
02:38:08MAX Central167k
02:38:31Ruby Jct Yard111k
02:38:42MAX Central23k
02:38:50Elmonica Yard51k
02:39:33MAX East74k
02:39:55Ruby Jct Yard51k
02:41:14Ruby Jct Yard13k
02:41:23Ruby Jct Yard82k
02:42:17Ruby Jct Yard54k
02:42:24MAX Central33k
02:42:35MAX Central52k
02:45:54Ruby Jct Yard26k
02:46:01Ruby Jct Yard20k
02:46:58Elmonica Yard19k
02:47:05Elmonica Yard15k
02:47:48MAX East11k
02:47:52MAX East87k
02:50:20Ruby Jct Yard14k
02:50:32Ruby Jct Yard64k
02:51:24Bus Dispatch78k
02:52:37Bus Dispatch72k
02:54:14Ruby Jct Yard114k
02:54:15Bus Dispatch65k
02:54:34Ruby Jct Yard8k
02:54:42Ruby Jct Yard8k
02:56:06MAX Central48k
02:58:25MAX West22k
02:58:31MAX West56k
02:58:44MAX West7k
03:03:58Ruby Jct Yard21k
03:05:42Elmonica Yard10k
03:05:47Elmonica Yard22k
03:05:59Elmonica Yard67k
03:06:56Ruby Jct Yard26k
03:07:06Ruby Jct Yard24k
03:07:40Ruby Jct Yard21k
03:07:46Ruby Jct Yard76k
03:08:04Ruby Jct Yard25k
03:12:18Elmonica Yard25k
03:12:28Elmonica Yard143k
03:12:33MAX Central25k
03:12:41MAX Central74k
03:12:57Elmonica Yard158k
03:13:26MAX West9k
03:13:31MAX West112k
03:13:57Elmonica Yard67k
03:16:12Ruby Jct Yard23k
03:16:19Ruby Jct Yard7k
03:18:19Bus Dispatch12k
03:18:24Bus Dispatch52k
03:19:41MAX East13k
03:19:46MAX East42k
03:19:59MAX East122k
03:20:23MAX East79k
03:20:40MAX East35k
03:20:47Bus Dispatch17k
03:20:52Bus Dispatch118k
03:21:05MAX East83k
03:21:26MAX East15k
03:22:42Elmonica Yard12k
03:23:22Elmonica Yard19k
03:24:24MAX East83k
03:24:41MAX East117k
03:25:07MAX East94k
03:25:27MAX East50k
03:25:42MAX East17k
03:25:49MAX East39k
03:27:40MAX West37k
03:27:50MAX West33k
03:27:58Elmonica Yard20k
03:28:19Elmonica Yard18k
03:31:01MAX Central51k
03:31:18MAX Central72k
03:31:33MAX Central75k
03:32:17Ruby Jct Yard18k
03:32:23Ruby Jct Yard191k
03:32:42Bus Dispatch48k
03:34:00MAX Central142k
03:34:31MAX Central14k
03:34:36MAX Central13k
03:34:41MAX Central70k
03:34:54Elmonica Yard18k
03:35:00Elmonica Yard81k
03:35:39MOW OCS 127k
03:35:47MOW OCS 114k
03:37:00MAX Central91k
03:37:23MAX Central37k
03:37:36Ruby Jct Yard9k
03:37:44Ruby Jct Yard260k
03:38:16MAX Central172k
03:38:33Ruby Jct Yard42k
03:38:46Ruby Jct Yard59k
03:38:54MAX Central12k
03:38:55MAX West71k
03:38:59MAX Central137k
03:39:36MAX Central78k
03:39:43Ruby Jct Yard17k
03:39:53Ruby Jct Yard22k
03:41:00Ruby Jct Yard9k
03:41:05Ruby Jct Yard33k
03:42:36MAX Central167k
03:42:42Ruby Jct Yard73k
03:42:51MAX East67k
03:43:02Ruby Jct Yard8k
03:43:12MAX Central46k
03:43:14MAX East80k
03:43:27MAX Central87k
03:44:01MAX East52k
03:44:05MAX Central102k
03:44:06MAX West41k
03:44:16MAX East47k
03:44:17MAX West48k
03:45:16MOW OCS 134k
03:45:25MOW OCS 112k
03:45:31MOW OCS 120k
03:45:42MAX West8k
03:45:43MOW OCS 163k
03:45:47MAX West9k
03:45:55MAX West63k
03:46:02MOW OCS 123k
03:47:37MAX West15k
03:47:43MAX West20k
03:48:42MAX West16k
03:48:47MAX West13k
03:48:52MAX West123k
03:49:30MAX West10k
03:49:36MAX West29k
03:49:45MAX West23k
03:50:16Elmonica Yard119k
03:50:20MAX West125k
03:56:06Bus Dispatch15k
03:56:12Bus Dispatch37k
04:00:54Bus Dispatch27k
04:01:09Bus Dispatch138k
04:01:35Bus Dispatch41k
04:01:58MAX East9k
04:02:07MAX East93k
04:02:26MAX East20k
04:02:32MAX East33k
04:02:42MAX East11k
04:03:21Ruby Jct Yard21k
04:03:30Ruby Jct Yard46k
04:03:40Ruby Jct Yard34k
04:03:49Ruby Jct Yard9k
04:04:38MAX East76k
04:04:42Ruby Jct Yard40k
04:05:01MAX East8k
04:05:34Ruby Jct Yard12k
04:06:15Ruby Jct Yard45k
04:08:17Elmonica Yard22k
04:08:24Elmonica Yard94k
04:09:54MAX Central51k
04:10:42Bus call 5585k
04:12:37LIFT call 2131k
04:13:21MAX Central23k
04:13:27MAX Central91k
04:14:38LIFT call 2321k
04:15:10MAX West20k
04:15:16MAX West25k
04:15:24MAX West28k
04:15:57Bus Dispatch12k
04:16:02Bus Dispatch27k
04:16:11Bus Dispatch18k
04:16:45MAX West78k
04:17:20Bus Dispatch52k
04:20:03Ruby Jct Yard17k
04:20:11Ruby Jct Yard58k
04:20:24Ruby Jct Yard9k
04:22:07Ruby Jct Yard34k
04:22:16Ruby Jct Yard90k
04:22:17Bus Dispatch58k
04:22:31Bus Dispatch28k
04:23:01Elmonica Yard68k
04:24:12MAX Central46k
04:27:09Bus Dispatch9k
04:27:17Bus Dispatch41k
04:27:27Bus Dispatch26k
04:27:37Ruby Jct Yard16k
04:28:14Ruby Jct Yard112k
04:32:50Bus call 2465k
04:33:36Bus Dispatch16k
04:33:50Bus Dispatch7k
04:33:57Bus Dispatch19k
04:34:05Bus Dispatch162k
04:34:38Bus Dispatch13k
04:36:32Bus Dispatch8k
04:36:38Bus Dispatch113k
04:37:01Bus Dispatch12k
04:37:45Bus call 215k
04:38:10Ruby Jct Yard9k
04:38:14Ruby Jct Yard53k
04:38:21Bus call 2281k
04:38:26Ruby Jct Yard60k
04:38:27MAX East9k
04:38:31MAX East49k
04:39:54Bus Dispatch101k
04:40:18Bus Dispatch205k
04:40:53Bus Dispatch40k
04:41:01Bus Dispatch200k
04:41:37Bus Dispatch50k
04:41:48Bus Dispatch87k
04:42:06Bus Dispatch8k
04:42:12Bus Dispatch11k
04:42:57MAX West51k
04:43:06Bus Dispatch51k
04:43:26Elmonica Yard86k
04:44:00Bus Dispatch7k
04:44:14Bus Dispatch91k
04:45:26MAX Central12k
04:45:31MAX Central87k
04:45:40Ruby Jct Yard110k
04:46:09Bus call 2288k
04:48:54MAX East42k
04:49:59MAX Central16k
04:50:04MAX Central8k
04:50:06Elmonica Yard119k
04:50:10MAX Central28k
04:50:11Bus Dispatch31k
04:50:19Bus Dispatch162k
04:50:49Bus Dispatch133k
04:50:58Ruby Jct Yard102k
04:51:18Ruby Jct Yard81k
04:51:23MAX East44k
04:51:56Bus Dispatch7k
04:56:13Ruby Jct Yard12k
04:56:18Ruby Jct Yard72k
04:57:05Ruby Jct Yard14k
04:57:53Ruby Jct Yard39k
04:59:03Elmonica Yard18k
04:59:08Bus Dispatch26k
04:59:11Elmonica Yard53k
04:59:15Bus Dispatch34k
04:59:25Elmonica Yard11k
04:59:26Bus Dispatch24k
04:59:54Ruby Jct Yard116k
05:04:08Ruby Jct Yard19k
05:04:14Ruby Jct Yard135k
05:05:29MAX West13k
05:05:33MAX West43k
05:05:47MAX West40k
05:08:21Elmonica Yard16k
05:08:28Elmonica Yard12k
05:08:34Elmonica Yard16k
05:09:08Elmonica Yard40k
05:09:22Elmonica Yard178k
05:09:57Bus Dispatch27k
05:10:00Elmonica Yard63k
05:10:05Bus Dispatch21k
05:10:11MAX Central79k
05:10:21Elmonica Yard90k
05:10:31MAX Central180k
05:11:12MAX Central251k
05:11:19Bus Dispatch23k
05:11:28Bus Dispatch31k
05:11:38Bus Dispatch32k
05:12:09MAX Central101k
05:12:34MAX Central155k
05:13:00Ruby Jct Yard6k
05:13:04MAX Central50k
05:13:09Ruby Jct Yard70k
05:13:15MAX Central145k
05:13:25Ruby Jct Yard12k
05:14:06Elmonica Yard77k
05:14:41Ruby Jct Yard16k
05:15:06Elmonica Yard86k
05:15:23Ruby Jct Yard33k
05:16:29MAX Central85k
05:18:22MAX West113k
05:18:47MAX West50k
05:18:58MAX West20k
05:19:03MAX West21k
05:19:11MAX West20k
05:19:19MAX West81k
05:19:25Bus call 4198k
05:19:37MAX West29k
05:19:50MAX West41k
05:20:01MAX West18k
05:20:27Elmonica Yard9k
05:20:31Elmonica Yard179k
05:22:05MAX West16k
05:22:10MAX West21k
05:22:24Ruby Jct Yard18k
05:22:30Ruby Jct Yard86k
05:22:48Ruby Jct Yard8k
05:23:06Ruby Jct Yard180k
05:23:36MAX West123k
05:23:42Ruby Jct Yard92k
05:25:51Ruby Jct Yard144k
05:25:57MAX West23k
05:26:06MAX West45k
05:26:15MAX West131k
05:27:00MAX East7k
05:27:05MAX East39k
05:27:17MAX East15k
05:27:25MAX East29k
05:28:02MAX East14k
05:28:07MAX East125k
05:29:47Ruby Jct Yard11k
05:29:54Ruby Jct Yard101k
05:30:16MAX West535k
05:30:33MAX East41k
05:30:37Elmonica Yard70k
05:31:08Bus Dispatch7k
05:31:13Ruby Jct Yard71k
05:31:19Bus Dispatch86k
05:31:37Bus Dispatch84k
05:31:41Ruby Jct Yard15k
05:31:47Ruby Jct Yard52k
05:31:51MAX West147k
05:33:07MAX Central15k
05:33:13MAX Central158k
05:33:46MAX Central103k
05:34:18MAX West7k
05:34:20MAX Central53k
05:34:23MAX West107k
05:34:49MAX West9k
05:36:10MAX West45k
05:37:25Ruby Jct Yard72k
05:37:44Ruby Jct Yard32k
05:37:51Ruby Jct Yard43k
05:38:01Bus call 4294k
05:38:11Ruby Jct Yard15k
05:38:19Ruby Jct Yard282k
05:38:36Bus Dispatch14k
05:38:42Bus Dispatch167k
05:39:19Bus Dispatch12k
05:39:24Bus Dispatch22k
05:40:31LIFT call 4209k
05:42:33Bus call 4182k
05:42:45Ruby Jct Yard8k
05:43:04MAX Central118k
05:43:04Ruby Jct Yard68k
05:43:20Ruby Jct Yard9k
05:44:11MAX Central75k
05:45:15Ruby Jct Yard64k
05:45:19Elmonica Yard90k
05:45:31Ruby Jct Yard9k
05:46:58Ruby Jct Yard47k
05:47:39Bus Dispatch14k
05:47:48Bus Dispatch31k
05:47:59Bus Dispatch17k
05:48:13Bus Dispatch8k
05:48:24Bus Dispatch97k
05:48:44Bus Dispatch34k
05:48:51Ruby Jct Yard19k
05:48:54Bus Dispatch78k
05:48:59Ruby Jct Yard183k
05:49:54Bus Dispatch28k
05:50:04Bus Dispatch192k
05:50:05Ruby Jct Yard35k
05:50:35Ruby Jct Yard18k
05:50:38Bus Dispatch16k
05:50:46Ruby Jct Yard17k
05:50:51Ruby Jct Yard150k
05:52:32Ruby Jct Yard16k
05:52:40Ruby Jct Yard221k
05:54:16Ruby Jct Yard129k
05:55:56Ruby Jct Yard33k
05:56:28MAX East9k
05:57:32Bus call 5604k
05:58:22MAX East259k
05:58:50Bus call 2235k
05:58:55Ruby Jct Yard20k
05:59:00Ruby Jct Yard89k
05:59:11MAX East14k
05:59:37Bus Dispatch9k
06:00:05Bus Dispatch29k
06:00:08Bus call 2346k
06:00:23Bus Dispatch23k
06:00:24MAX West61k
06:00:36Bus Dispatch137k
06:00:40Elmonica Yard15k
06:00:48Elmonica Yard54k
06:01:03Bus Dispatch43k
06:01:17Bus Dispatch21k
06:01:25Bus Dispatch12k
06:01:46Bus Dispatch25k
06:02:01Bus Dispatch14k
06:02:10Bus Dispatch76k
06:02:32Bus Dispatch7k
06:02:37Bus Dispatch8k
06:04:38Ruby Jct Yard80k
06:05:53MAX Central12k
06:06:11MAX Central156k
06:06:38Ruby Jct Yard12k
06:06:43MAX Central42k
06:06:44Ruby Jct Yard117k
06:06:55MAX Central22k
06:07:30Ruby Jct Yard29k
06:07:38Ruby Jct Yard76k
06:08:29Bus Dispatch135k
06:10:11MAX Central91k
06:10:31Bus call 4125k
06:10:43MAX Central30k
06:10:51Bus Dispatch105k
06:10:54MAX Central15k
06:10:59MAX East36k
06:10:59MAX Central6k
06:11:04MAX Central37k
06:11:10MAX East16k
06:11:18Ruby Jct Yard15k
06:11:23Ruby Jct Yard45k
06:11:35Ruby Jct Yard34k
06:11:49Ruby Jct Yard68k
06:15:06MAX Central15k
06:15:13MAX Central86k
06:15:35Ruby Jct Yard13k
06:15:44Ruby Jct Yard28k
06:15:51Ruby Jct Yard40k
06:16:39Bus call 2616k
06:17:29MAX West26k
06:17:38MAX West48k
06:17:50MAX West46k
06:18:01MAX West41k
06:18:11MAX West23k
06:18:18MAX West171k
06:18:55MAX West9k
06:19:07Ruby Jct Yard120k
06:19:08MAX West80k
06:19:22Bus Dispatch140k
06:19:32Ruby Jct Yard21k
06:21:50MAX East32k
06:22:00MAX East60k
06:22:14MAX East16k
06:23:51MAX West74k
06:24:17MAX West307k
06:24:38MAX East8k
06:24:49MAX East79k
06:25:11MAX East45k
06:26:47MAX West144k
06:27:16Ruby Jct Yard16k
06:27:21Ruby Jct Yard170k
06:27:57Ruby Jct Yard158k
06:28:09MAX East57k
06:28:27MAX East14k
06:28:28MAX West80k
06:31:47Elmonica Yard22k
06:31:55Elmonica Yard67k
06:32:10Elmonica Yard11k
06:32:17Bus Dispatch11k
06:32:27Bus Dispatch56k
06:33:34MAX West21k
06:34:16MAX West20k
06:34:25MAX West39k
06:34:28MAX Central25k
06:34:35MAX West86k
06:34:35MAX Central44k
06:34:35Ruby Jct Yard10k
06:34:45Ruby Jct Yard34k
06:35:01Ruby Jct Yard121k
06:35:44MAX East8k
06:35:49MAX East49k
06:36:18Ruby Jct Yard94k
06:36:38Ruby Jct Yard27k
06:37:57Bus call 5270k
06:40:38MAX West64k
06:40:54MAX West274k
06:41:10MAX Central8k
06:41:16MAX Central77k
06:41:36Elmonica Yard16k
06:41:44Elmonica Yard99k
06:41:46MAX West32k
06:41:55MAX East111k
06:42:23LIFT call 4723k
06:42:56Bus call 4310k
06:44:06Ruby Jct Yard240k
06:44:08MAX East14k
06:44:14MAX East288k
06:44:49Ruby Jct Yard24k
06:44:59LIFT call 473k
06:45:04MAX East151k
06:45:20Bus call 7145k
06:45:34MAX East75k
06:45:47MAX East63k
06:45:56Bus call 7184k
06:48:14MAX Central13k
06:48:19MAX Central79k
06:48:37MAX Central70k
06:49:46Bus call 5468k
06:51:20Bus call 7255k
06:51:42Bus Dispatch13k
06:51:52Bus Dispatch87k
06:51:56LIFT call 4236k
06:52:11Bus Dispatch10k
06:54:03MAX East110k
06:54:29MAX East29k
06:55:56MAX East42k
06:56:04MAX Central13k
06:56:10MAX Central72k
06:57:19MAX Central229k
06:57:34Bus Dispatch14k
06:57:35MAX West82k
06:57:45Bus Dispatch121k
06:57:54Ruby Jct Yard22k
06:57:59MAX West52k
06:58:00Ruby Jct Yard130k
06:58:13MAX West24k
06:58:51Elmonica Yard21k
06:58:59Elmonica Yard248k
06:59:01MAX West10k
06:59:42Elmonica Yard26k
07:00:16MAX West14k
07:00:24Bus call 5557k
07:00:46MAX West19k
07:00:53MAX Central79k
07:00:56MAX West91k
07:01:15MAX West27k
07:01:39MAX West20k
07:01:46MAX West24k
07:01:55MAX West38k
07:02:08MAX West131k
07:02:37MAX West25k
07:02:44MAX West32k
07:03:09MAX West27k
07:03:27LIFT call 2209k
07:03:51MAX West44k
07:04:11Bus call 5253k
07:05:39Bus Dispatch28k
07:05:51Bus Dispatch150k
07:05:52LIFT call 213k
07:06:37MAX Central41k
07:06:42LIFT call 257k
07:06:45Bus Dispatch18k
07:06:49MAX Central9k
07:06:57Bus Dispatch204k
07:07:35Bus Dispatch9k
07:07:44Bus call 4434k
07:07:46Bus Dispatch16k
07:08:21Bus call 2369k
07:08:39Bus Dispatch7k
07:08:50Bus Dispatch167k
07:09:14MAX Central21k
07:09:20Bus call 5189k
07:09:21Bus Dispatch13k
07:09:25LIFT call 294k
07:09:28Bus Dispatch8k
07:09:30MAX Central20k
07:09:38MAX Central104k
07:10:10Bus call 2396k
07:10:52LIFT call 213k
07:11:07MAX Central124k
07:11:12Elmonica Yard89k
07:11:36Elmonica Yard36k
07:11:41MAX Central123k
07:11:45Elmonica Yard15k
07:12:06MAX Central43k
07:12:19MAX Central59k
07:12:51MAX Central89k
07:13:15MAX East15k
07:13:15MAX Central23k
07:13:22MAX East196k
07:13:22MAX Central82k
07:13:45MAX Central71k
07:13:49Bus Dispatch40k
07:13:58MAX West23k
07:13:59MAX Central79k
07:14:03MAX East19k
07:14:06MAX West101k
07:14:09MAX East9k
07:14:18Elmonica Yard40k
07:14:18MAX Central42k
07:14:26Elmonica Yard57k
07:14:34MAX West100k
07:15:16MAX Central56k
07:15:30Ruby Jct Yard59k
07:15:37LIFT call 2114k
07:17:08Bus call 4561k
07:17:37Bus Dispatch15k
07:17:42Bus Dispatch191k
07:17:51MAX Central92k
07:18:13MAX Central89k
07:18:32MAX Central13k
07:18:44MAX Central55k
07:19:21MAX Central100k
07:19:45MAX Central28k
07:20:16MAX Central52k
07:20:57Ruby Jct Yard18k
07:21:04Ruby Jct Yard164k
07:21:06MAX Central16k
07:21:11MAX Central35k
07:21:33MAX Central27k
07:21:40MAX Central98k
07:22:17MAX West127k
07:22:59Bus call 4410k
07:23:08MAX West80k
07:23:23MAX Central81k
07:24:13MAX Central31k
07:24:25MAX Central13k
07:24:30MAX Central25k
07:24:30Bus Dispatch13k
07:24:39MAX Central65k
07:25:10Bus Dispatch14k
07:25:21MAX Central117k
07:25:32Bus Dispatch82k
07:25:50Bus Dispatch56k
07:25:52MAX Central24k
07:25:58MAX East9k
07:25:59MAX Central21k
07:26:05MAX Central52k
07:26:09MAX East40k
07:26:18MAX East16k
07:26:21MAX Central68k
07:26:30MAX East18k
07:26:36MAX Central36k
07:26:38MAX East101k
07:26:47MAX Central40k
07:26:54Bus call 615k
07:26:58MAX Central12k
07:26:59MAX East33k
07:27:04MAX Central113k
07:27:12MAX East11k
07:27:30MAX Central24k
07:27:42Bus call 6202k
07:27:51MAX Central19k
07:27:57MAX Central67k
07:28:12MAX Central232k
07:28:54MAX East60k
07:29:06MAX East42k
07:29:17MAX Central43k
07:29:21MAX East34k
07:29:23MAX West130k
07:29:32Bus Dispatch10k
07:29:38Bus Dispatch46k
07:29:42Bus call 2512k
07:29:52MAX East34k
07:29:54MAX Central112k
07:30:02MAX East60k
07:30:04MAX West44k
07:30:21MAX West9k
07:30:26MAX West91k
07:30:27Bus Dispatch9k
07:30:31Bus Dispatch16k
07:30:38Bus Dispatch46k
07:30:51Bus Dispatch12k
07:30:52MAX West23k
07:30:55Bus Dispatch10k
07:31:07MAX West26k
07:31:10MAX Central67k
07:31:27MAX Central42k
07:31:41MAX Central61k
07:31:55MAX Central121k
07:33:39MAX Central63k
07:34:05MAX Central262k
07:34:39MAX East35k
07:34:57MAX East53k
07:35:38Ruby Jct Sta Agt20k
07:35:45Ruby Jct Yard10k
07:35:57MAX Central196k
07:36:03Ruby Jct Yard18k
07:36:04Ruby Jct Sta Agt86k
07:36:23Ruby Jct Sta Agt36k
07:36:31Ruby Jct Sta Agt74k
07:36:37MAX Central38k
07:36:47Ruby Jct Sta Agt18k
07:36:52MAX Central36k
07:36:52Ruby Jct Sta Agt29k
07:37:13MAX Central30k
07:37:23MAX Central234k
07:39:08Bus Dispatch8k
07:39:32Bus Dispatch21k
07:39:55MAX West13k
07:39:59Bus call 2224k
07:39:59MAX West72k
07:40:19MAX West56k
07:40:33MAX Central23k
07:41:02Bus call 2223k
07:41:17MAX Central12k
07:41:23MAX Central86k
07:41:43MAX Central20k
07:41:53MAX Central156k
07:42:21MAX Central48k
07:42:38MAX East26k
07:42:48MAX East27k
07:42:51MAX West13k
07:42:57Elmonica Yard19k
07:42:58MAX East35k
07:43:05Elmonica Yard139k
07:43:10MAX East62k
07:43:32MAX East51k
07:43:52MAX East29k
07:44:01MAX East54k
07:44:38MAX West90k
07:44:52MAX Central8k
07:44:57MAX Central11k
07:45:04MAX Central73k
07:45:40MAX East42k
07:45:52MAX East23k
07:45:58MAX East33k
07:48:20Bus Dispatch144k
07:48:31MAX East12k
07:48:36MAX East120k
07:48:48MAX West252k
07:48:50Bus Dispatch33k
07:49:00Bus Dispatch215k
07:49:13MAX Central15k
07:49:26MAX Central21k
07:49:32MAX Central74k
07:49:50MAX Central15k
07:50:03MAX Central26k
07:50:10MAX Central90k
07:50:21MAX West172k
07:50:34MAX Central10k
07:50:38MAX Central48k
07:50:52MAX Central17k
07:50:53MAX West23k
07:51:20Bus call 2265k
07:51:23Bus Dispatch9k
07:51:29Bus Dispatch248k
07:51:43MAX Central148k
07:52:24MAX Central130k
07:52:48Bus call 674k
07:53:55Bus call 2342k
07:55:06MAX East47k
07:55:21MAX East14k
07:55:48Bus call 2226k
07:55:54MAX East8k
07:56:03MAX Central219k
07:56:46MAX Central64k
07:57:12MAX East20k
07:57:19MAX East22k
07:57:29MAX East11k
07:57:31MAX Central64k
07:57:39MAX East15k
07:57:44MAX East83k
07:57:47MAX Central15k
07:57:49Bus Dispatch15k
07:57:59Bus Dispatch14k
07:58:05Bus Dispatch44k
07:58:07MAX East156k
07:58:15Bus Dispatch16k
07:58:22Bus Dispatch20k
07:58:46MAX East105k
08:00:07MAX Central56k
08:00:27MAX East21k
08:00:35MAX East12k
08:02:45Bus call 4269k
08:06:49MAX West92k
08:07:53Bus call 41164k
08:08:46MAX East65k
08:09:15Elmonica Yard13k
08:09:23Elmonica Yard50k
08:09:34Elmonica Yard21k
08:09:39Elmonica Yard8k
08:09:41Bus Dispatch14k
08:09:46Bus Dispatch12k
08:10:05Bus Dispatch24k
08:10:12Bus Dispatch51k
08:11:42MAX Central54k
08:11:48Bus call 5224k
08:12:21MAX East135k
08:12:26Bus call 4322k
08:13:34Bus call 4508k
08:14:09Bus Dispatch15k
08:14:18Bus Dispatch221k
08:14:40LIFT call 495k
08:14:54MAX East34k
08:15:21MAX East109k
08:15:38LIFT call 4307k
08:15:57Bus Dispatch14k
08:16:11Bus Dispatch148k
08:16:40Bus Dispatch158k
08:17:13Bus Dispatch16k
08:18:42Bus call 4353k
08:19:40Bus Dispatch18k
08:19:46Bus Dispatch78k
08:20:06Bus Dispatch10k
08:20:11Bus Dispatch9k
08:20:15MAX Central32k
08:20:30MAX Central77k
08:20:50MAX Central12k
08:20:56MAX Central104k
08:21:15MAX Central147k
08:21:47MAX Central43k
08:21:58Bus call 2191k
08:21:59Bus call 4166k
08:22:02MAX Central52k
08:22:14Bus call 1434k
08:22:33MAX Central13k
08:23:45Bus Dispatch12k
08:23:55Bus Dispatch71k
08:24:30MAX Central9k
08:24:37MAX Central85k
08:24:54MAX Central22k
08:25:06MAX Central155k
08:25:58Bus call 7235k
08:26:13MAX Central19k
08:26:19MAX Central119k
08:29:27MAX East11k
08:29:31MAX East11k
08:29:41MAX East293k
08:31:29Ruby Jct Yard18k
08:31:37Ruby Jct Yard171k
08:31:43LIFT call 2116k
08:32:07Ruby Jct Yard229k
08:32:48MAX Central12k
08:32:52Ruby Jct Yard21k
08:32:53MAX East106k
08:32:54MAX Central243k
08:33:19MAX West68k
08:33:24MAX East11k
08:33:29MAX East39k
08:33:40MAX East9k
08:33:45MAX East70k
08:33:55MAX Central23k
08:34:04MAX Central8k
08:34:05MAX East19k
08:34:12MAX East8k
08:35:09MAX Central49k
08:35:22MAX Central33k
08:35:37MAX East207k
08:36:19MAX Central77k
08:36:39MAX Central36k
08:36:41Bus Dispatch12k
08:36:50MAX Central13k
08:36:53MAX East99k
08:37:04Bus Dispatch53k
08:37:14MAX East18k
08:37:17Bus call 7341k
08:37:18Bus Dispatch46k
08:37:21MAX East111k
08:37:51MAX East23k
08:37:58MAX East92k
08:38:21MAX East51k
08:38:28Bus Dispatch11k
08:38:33Bus Dispatch273k
08:38:52Bus call 7403k
08:38:53Ruby Jct Yard20k
08:39:02Ruby Jct Yard8k
08:39:11LIFT call 2134k
08:39:26Bus Dispatch16k
08:39:31Bus Dispatch11k
08:39:45Ruby Jct Yard93k
08:40:03Ruby Jct Yard47k
08:40:15Ruby Jct Yard126k
08:40:18MAX Central14k
08:40:24MAX Central175k
08:40:25LIFT call 4206k
08:40:39Bus call 6581k
08:40:54MAX East17k
08:40:55Ruby Jct Yard100k
08:40:58MAX Central37k
08:41:01MAX East117k
08:41:23Elmonica Yard21k
08:41:31Elmonica Yard135k
08:41:54Elmonica Yard84k
08:41:54MAX East38k
08:42:05MAX East109k
08:42:11Bus Dispatch18k
08:42:21Bus Dispatch14k
08:42:24Ruby Jct Yard13k
08:42:28MAX East37k
08:42:29Ruby Jct Yard189k
08:42:38Bus Dispatch86k
08:42:41MAX East11k
08:42:48MAX East187k
08:42:56Elmonica Yard28k
08:43:00Bus Dispatch15k
08:43:07Elmonica Yard77k
08:43:26Elmonica Yard190k
08:43:29MAX East13k
08:43:46MAX East167k
08:44:03Elmonica Yard237k
08:44:08Bus Dispatch13k
08:44:20Bus Dispatch174k
08:44:24MAX East160k
08:44:46Elmonica Yard268k
08:44:48Bus call 6242k
08:44:57Bus Dispatch171k
08:45:01Bus call 1654k
08:45:14LIFT call 4141k
08:45:24MAX Central80k
08:45:29Bus Dispatch23k
08:45:57MAX Central18k
08:46:14MAX Central24k
08:46:17Bus Dispatch9k
08:46:23Bus Dispatch11k
08:46:24Elmonica Yard102k
08:46:26MAX West25k
08:46:27Bus Dispatch132k
08:46:36MAX West36k
08:46:46Elmonica Yard230k
08:46:49MAX West87k
08:46:51Bus Dispatch229k
08:47:09MAX West51k
08:47:39Bus Dispatch29k
08:47:47Bus Dispatch8k
08:48:00Bus Dispatch14k
08:48:20Bus Dispatch64k
08:48:33Bus Dispatch46k
08:48:46Bus Dispatch10k
08:49:04Bus Dispatch18k
08:49:17Bus Dispatch6k
08:49:21Bus Dispatch236k
08:49:38MAX Central41k
08:49:52MAX Central11k
08:50:02MAX Central15k
08:50:02Ruby Jct Yard14k
08:50:08Ruby Jct Yard105k
08:50:12MAX Central6k
08:50:17MAX East159k
08:50:21MAX Central32k
08:50:26Ruby Jct Yard81k
08:50:29MAX Central31k
08:50:50Ruby Jct Yard27k
08:52:08MAX Central254k
08:52:43Bus Dispatch9k
08:52:48Bus Dispatch91k
08:53:06Bus Dispatch88k
08:53:10MAX Central94k
08:53:30Bus Dispatch116k
08:53:32MAX Central35k
08:53:40MAX Central92k
08:53:45Ruby Jct Yard15k
08:53:51Bus call 2559k
08:53:51Ruby Jct Yard132k
08:54:01Bus Dispatch62k
08:54:05MAX Central87k
08:54:18Bus Dispatch84k
08:54:28MAX Central16k
08:54:39MAX Central37k
08:54:39Bus Dispatch215k
08:54:47MAX Central11k
08:54:57MAX Central38k
08:55:10MAX Central66k
08:55:26MAX Central75k
08:55:27Bus Dispatch13k
08:55:51MAX Central39k
08:56:03MAX Central71k
08:56:21MAX Central33k
08:56:32MAX Central17k
08:56:39MAX Central52k
08:58:25MAX West15k
08:58:31MAX West64k
08:58:39Bus Dispatch30k
08:58:55Bus Dispatch70k
08:59:27Bus call 6202k
08:59:40Ruby Jct Yard17k
08:59:46Ruby Jct Yard46k
08:59:59Ruby Jct Yard142k
09:00:28Ruby Jct Yard21k
09:00:38Ruby Jct Yard112k
09:02:09MAX East8k
09:02:13MAX East10k
09:02:19MAX East66k
09:02:35MAX East60k
09:02:53MAX East9k
09:03:06MAX East31k
09:03:15MAX East153k
09:03:43MAX Central161k
09:03:45MAX West144k
09:03:46MAX East37k
09:03:55MAX East14k
09:04:01MAX East15k
09:04:10MAX East15k
09:04:14MAX Central110k
09:04:19MAX East65k
09:04:35Ruby Jct Yard97k
09:04:36MAX East62k
09:04:36MAX Central19k
09:04:53MAX East34k
09:04:58Ruby Jct Yard21k
09:05:02MAX East386k
09:05:11Bus call 6151k
09:05:35Bus call 7472k
09:05:37MAX Central14k
09:05:43MAX Central102k
09:06:16MAX East114k
09:06:40MAX Central54k
09:07:01MAX Central7k
09:07:26Bus call 2546k
09:08:00MAX East12k
09:08:05MAX East55k
09:08:20MAX East23k
09:08:29MAX East13k
09:08:39MAX East86k
09:09:53MAX Central24k
09:10:02MAX Central60k
09:10:13MAX West115k
09:10:19MAX Central9k
09:10:23MAX Central15k
09:10:29MAX Central37k
09:10:39MAX West60k
09:10:42Ruby Jct Sta Agt13k
09:10:47MAX Central16k
09:10:49Ruby Jct Sta Agt90k
09:10:55MAX Central35k
09:10:56MAX West11k
09:11:05MAX Central134k
09:11:07Ruby Jct Sta Agt137k
09:11:35MAX Central31k
09:11:55MAX Central66k
09:15:49MAX East114k
09:17:13MAX East51k
09:17:29MAX East88k
09:17:45MAX East38k
09:19:42LIFT call 3655k
09:19:45LIFT call 4195k
09:19:47MAX Central56k
09:19:58MAX Central126k
09:20:29MAX Central135k
09:20:57MAX Central148k
09:21:30MAX Central37k
09:21:36MAX West156k
09:21:47Bus call 2288k
09:21:49MAX Central9k
09:21:49Bus Dispatch99k
09:22:11Bus Dispatch11k
09:22:32MAX East30k
09:22:33Bus Dispatch221k
09:22:40MAX East84k
09:23:13Bus Dispatch16k
09:23:39MAX East113k
09:23:44MAX Central13k
09:23:50MAX Central104k
09:24:06MAX East23k
09:24:12MAX Central140k
09:24:13MAX East14k
09:24:47MAX Central285k
09:25:28Elmonica Yard18k
09:25:36Elmonica Yard34k
09:25:50Elmonica Yard72k
09:26:07Elmonica Yard13k
09:27:35Ruby Jct Yard21k
09:27:37Bus Dispatch16k
09:27:44Ruby Jct Yard135k
09:27:44Bus Dispatch71k
09:27:59Bus Dispatch25k
09:28:15MAX Central103k
09:28:51MAX East63k
09:28:56MAX West13k
09:29:08MAX Central82k
09:29:12MAX West126k
09:29:13Ruby Jct Yard13k
09:29:19Ruby Jct Yard50k
09:29:30Ruby Jct Yard86k
09:29:38MAX Central18k
09:29:48Ruby Jct Yard33k
09:30:08Ruby Jct Yard125k
09:30:10MAX East28k
09:30:17MAX East264k
09:30:44Bus call 5304k
09:30:51Elmonica Yard47k
09:30:52MAX Central13k
09:31:00MAX Central34k
09:31:11MAX Central63k
09:31:35MAX Central10k
09:31:43MAX West49k
09:31:45MAX Central91k
09:31:49Bus call 6182k
09:32:01MAX East13k
09:32:06MAX East254k
09:32:08MAX Central18k
09:32:20MAX Central67k
09:32:24Bus Dispatch13k
09:32:31Bus Dispatch17k
09:32:38Bus Dispatch63k
09:32:53Bus Dispatch36k
09:32:54MAX East7k
09:33:13MAX East25k
09:33:15MAX Central80k
09:33:20MAX East94k
09:33:33MAX Central258k
09:33:35LIFT call 3257k
09:33:39MAX East11k
09:33:46Bus call 71014k
09:34:07MAX East121k
09:34:27MAX Central111k
09:34:56MAX Central28k
09:35:04Ruby Jct Yard40k
09:35:11MAX Central7k
09:35:15Ruby Jct Yard23k
09:35:16MAX Central52k
09:35:30MAX East113k
09:35:55MAX Central56k
09:36:09MAX Central46k
09:36:22MAX Central15k
09:36:27MAX Central33k
09:36:58Bus Dispatch8k
09:37:03Bus Dispatch84k
09:37:07MAX West12k
09:37:12MAX West24k
09:37:18MAX West41k
09:37:24Bus Dispatch11k
09:37:25MAX Central48k
09:37:29Bus Dispatch54k
09:37:40MAX Central38k
09:37:52Bus call 7188k
09:37:52MAX Central7k
09:38:23Elmonica Yard15k
09:38:31Elmonica Yard9k
09:38:37Elmonica Yard63k
09:38:51Elmonica Yard48k
09:39:03Elmonica Yard167k
09:39:49MAX East24k
09:39:52MAX Central10k
09:39:56MAX East25k
09:39:57MAX Central25k
09:40:03MAX East72k
09:40:04MAX Central345k
09:40:24MAX East38k
09:41:19MAX Central108k
09:41:46MAX Central77k
09:42:24LIFT call 2120k
09:42:27MAX Central124k
09:43:10MAX Central88k
09:43:32MAX Central31k
09:43:47MAX Central41k
09:44:09MAX Central59k
09:44:45MAX West111k
09:45:11MAX West112k
09:45:25MAX Central7k
09:45:35MAX Central30k
09:45:38MAX West11k
09:45:43MAX West218k
09:45:45MAX Central59k
09:45:57Bus Dispatch262k
09:46:10MAX Central49k
09:46:50Bus Dispatch23k
09:46:59Elmonica Yard26k
09:47:03MAX Central148k
09:47:04Bus call 5343k
09:47:06Elmonica Yard33k
09:47:11MAX East9k
09:47:14Elmonica Yard35k
09:47:24MAX East38k
09:47:28Bus Dispatch11k
09:47:37MAX East297k
09:47:39Bus Dispatch18k
09:47:47Bus Dispatch153k
09:48:16Bus Dispatch28k
09:48:19MAX Central13k
09:48:24MAX Central31k
09:48:24Bus Dispatch32k
09:48:30MAX East60k
09:48:35MAX Central87k
09:48:40MAX West105k
09:49:03MAX West46k
09:49:13MAX West24k
09:50:31Bus call 7495k
09:50:54MAX Central26k
09:51:05MAX Central140k
09:52:51MAX West22k
09:52:56MAX Central160k
09:52:57Bus call 7899k
09:52:57MAX West62k
09:53:55MAX West18k
09:54:02MAX West108k
09:54:23Elmonica Yard32k
09:54:23MAX West43k
09:54:32Elmonica Yard65k
09:56:26MAX East83k
09:57:12Bus call 7484k
09:57:32Elmonica Yard53k
09:57:39MAX East18k
09:57:46MAX East125k
09:58:13MAX East86k
09:58:21MAX West38k
09:58:33MAX West124k
09:58:40MAX East22k
09:58:50MAX East26k
09:58:57MAX East38k
09:58:58MAX West41k
09:59:07MAX West184k
09:59:10MAX East12k
09:59:16MAX East17k
09:59:30MAX East91k
09:59:35Bus call 7821k
10:00:27Bus Dispatch177k
10:01:26MAX West99k
10:01:46MAX West134k
10:02:22MAX West52k
10:03:09Bus call 758k
10:03:46Bus Dispatch6k
10:03:52Bus Dispatch39k
10:03:59LIFT call 1118k
10:04:33MAX East12k
10:04:38MAX East89k
10:04:55MAX East45k
10:05:05MAX Central20k
10:05:06MAX East138k
10:05:11MAX Central75k
10:05:20LIFT call 198k
10:05:28MAX Central57k
10:05:38MAX East12k
10:05:42MAX Central22k
10:05:47Bus call 1187k
10:05:48MAX Central116k
10:05:57Ruby Jct Yard6k
10:06:00Ruby Jct Yard91k
10:06:22MAX West111k
10:06:47MAX West20k
10:06:54MAX West156k
10:07:05Ruby Jct Yard14k
10:07:10Ruby Jct Yard113k
10:07:23MAX West17k
10:07:35Bus Dispatch28k
10:07:40Bus call 2223k
10:07:45MAX East16k
10:07:50MAX East6k
10:07:54MAX East7k
10:07:58MAX West75k
10:08:08Bus Dispatch64k
10:08:19MAX West33k
10:08:28MAX West60k
10:08:30Bus Dispatch14k
10:08:37Bus Dispatch82k
10:09:52Bus call 1100k
10:10:28Bus call 1108k
10:10:28Bus Dispatch13k
10:10:42Bus Dispatch27k
10:11:01Bus Dispatch58k
10:11:02MAX Central46k
10:11:15MAX Central6k
10:11:15Bus Dispatch56k
10:11:26Bus Dispatch28k
10:11:31Ruby Jct Yard118k
10:11:56Ruby Jct Yard6k
10:12:15Bus call 7439k
10:13:13MAX East13k
10:13:18MAX East144k
10:13:49MAX East64k
10:13:56MAX Central15k
10:14:03MAX Central65k
10:14:05MAX West134k
10:14:09MAX East47k
10:14:18MAX Central37k
10:14:21MAX East79k
10:14:27MAX Central126k
10:14:38Bus Dispatch41k
10:14:44MAX East27k
10:14:52MAX East68k
10:14:54MAX Central7k
10:14:58Ruby Jct Yard47k
10:15:03MAX Central12k
10:15:11MAX East130k
10:15:11MAX Central77k
10:15:45MAX East10k
10:15:47MAX Central9k
10:15:49MAX East92k
10:15:54MAX Central225k
10:16:10MAX East54k
10:16:26MAX East11k
10:16:30MAX Central40k
10:16:35MAX East103k
10:16:41MAX Central147k
10:16:54MAX East12k
10:17:15MAX Central29k
10:17:24MAX Central37k
10:17:34MAX Central113k
10:17:38Bus call 2383k
10:17:53MAX West172k
10:17:58MAX Central29k
10:18:05Ruby Jct Yard8k
10:18:06MAX Central21k
10:18:13Ruby Jct Yard42k
10:18:26MAX West85k
10:18:30Bus Dispatch9k
10:18:34Bus Dispatch169k
10:18:35Ruby Jct Yard62k
10:18:49Ruby Jct Yard8k
10:19:07Bus Dispatch19k
10:19:33Bus call 1574k
10:20:32MAX Central41k
10:20:38Bus call 7478k
10:20:43MAX Central27k
10:21:06LIFT call 4348k
10:22:54MAX East159k
10:23:06MAX West181k
10:23:17Bus call 7877k
10:23:55MAX Central226k
10:24:14MAX West58k
10:24:37Ruby Jct Yard14k
10:24:43Ruby Jct Yard49k
10:24:59Ruby Jct Yard41k
10:25:09Ruby Jct Yard97k
10:26:31Bus call 1460k
10:26:39Ruby Jct Yard67k
10:26:49Bus call 7207k
10:27:05MAX East12k
10:27:12MAX East9k
10:27:18MAX East45k
10:29:31Bus call 7633k
10:29:59Ruby Jct Yard13k
10:30:06LIFT call 4150k
10:30:13Ruby Jct Yard82k
10:30:33Ruby Jct Yard349k
10:30:41LIFT call 1210k
10:30:43LIFT call 2464k
10:31:13LIFT call 4120k
10:31:31Ruby Jct Yard106k
10:31:53LIFT call 176k
10:31:54Ruby Jct Yard41k
10:32:06Ruby Jct Yard16k
10:32:18MAX West61k
10:32:32MAX West207k
10:32:36MAX East12k
10:32:42MAX East9k
10:32:47MAX East161k
10:32:54LIFT call 2223k
10:34:04LIFT call 1160k
10:34:25Bus Dispatch54k
10:34:36MAX West86k
10:34:44MAX East39k
10:35:56MAX Central195k
10:36:37MAX Central32k
10:36:45MAX Central52k
10:37:00MAX East14k
10:37:01MAX Central71k
10:37:05MAX East118k
10:37:20Bus call 5774k
10:37:24MAX Central12k
10:37:28MAX East13k
10:37:28MAX Central177k
10:37:36MAX East98k
10:37:41LIFT call 154k
10:38:03MAX Central79k
10:38:27MAX Central44k
10:38:33MAX East98k
10:38:37LIFT call 4128k
10:38:37MAX Central106k
10:39:16MAX East78k
10:41:01LIFT call 4349k
10:42:08MAX Central8k
10:42:12MAX Central24k
10:42:32MAX Central8k
10:42:59MAX Central35k
10:43:14MAX Central11k
10:43:17LIFT call 3300k
10:43:18MAX Central162k
10:43:40Bus Dispatch22k
10:43:46Bus Dispatch7k
10:43:52Bus Dispatch23k
10:43:55MAX Central30k
10:44:08Bus Dispatch14k
10:44:09MAX Central15k
10:44:16MAX Central27k
10:44:19Bus Dispatch26k
10:44:26Bus Dispatch37k
10:44:28MAX Central67k
10:44:40Bus Dispatch211k
10:45:05LIFT call 1231k
10:45:17Bus Dispatch101k
10:45:23MAX Central31k
10:45:30MAX Central51k
10:45:41MAX Central28k
10:45:41Bus Dispatch113k
10:46:21LIFT call 1299k
10:46:23Bus Dispatch22k
10:46:37Bus Dispatch88k
10:47:08Bus call 6403k
10:47:12Bus Dispatch31k
10:47:25Bus Dispatch66k
10:47:40Bus Dispatch24k
10:47:59Ruby Jct Yard7k
10:48:06Ruby Jct Yard39k
10:48:20Ruby Jct Yard38k
10:48:20Bus Dispatch56k
10:48:32Bus Dispatch19k
10:48:40Bus Dispatch63k
10:49:50Bus call 6140k
10:49:57LIFT call 1348k
10:51:43Bus call 5133k
10:52:05MAX Central20k
10:52:11MAX Central27k
10:52:18MAX East13k
10:52:19MAX Central11k
10:52:20Bus call 5148k
10:52:23MAX East172k
10:52:47Bus Dispatch173k
10:52:55Bus call 1384k
10:52:58MAX Central107k
10:53:08MAX West18k
10:53:11MAX East115k
10:53:16MAX West18k
10:53:19Bus Dispatch24k
10:53:25MAX West115k
10:53:35Ruby Jct Yard83k
10:53:55MAX West58k
10:54:04Bus call 6568k
10:54:54MAX Central111k
10:54:56Ruby Jct Yard6k
10:55:09Ruby Jct Yard51k
10:55:25Ruby Jct Yard32k
10:55:34LIFT call 171k
10:55:54Bus call 6655k
10:55:58MAX Central11k
10:56:47Ruby Jct Yard13k
10:57:37Bus Dispatch12k
10:57:44Ruby Jct Yard15k
10:57:44Bus Dispatch67k
10:57:53Ruby Jct Yard24k
10:57:54Bus call 6808k
10:58:00Bus Dispatch21k
10:58:28Bus call 2301k
10:59:17Bus call 7152k
10:59:26Bus Dispatch14k
10:59:30Ruby Jct Yard27k
10:59:31Bus Dispatch13k
10:59:39Bus Dispatch47k
10:59:50Bus Dispatch18k
11:00:32Ruby Jct Yard33k
11:03:00Bus call 6290k
11:03:18MAX East63k
11:03:21Bus call 2208k
11:03:22Bus Dispatch8k
11:03:28Bus Dispatch32k
11:03:30MAX East134k
11:04:44Bus call 264k
11:05:24MAX Central29k
11:05:38MAX Central6k
11:06:08Ruby Jct Yard132k
11:06:31Bus Dispatch76k
11:06:37Bus call 6243k
11:06:41Ruby Jct Yard304k
11:06:49Bus Dispatch205k
11:07:03Bus call 2140k
11:07:25Bus Dispatch75k
11:08:29Bus call 6229k
11:08:37Ruby Jct Yard26k
11:09:12MAX East9k
11:09:16MAX East64k
11:09:22Bus call 6510k
11:09:25MAX Central14k
11:09:27Ruby Jct Yard6k
11:09:31MAX Central33k
11:09:40Ruby Jct Yard13k
11:09:44MAX Central28k
11:09:50MAX East14k
11:09:58MAX East98k
11:10:04MAX Central35k
11:10:12MAX Central72k
11:10:17Ruby Jct Yard48k
11:10:22MAX West65k
11:10:31Ruby Jct Yard34k
11:10:41Ruby Jct Yard9k
11:10:55LIFT call 3171k
11:12:16Bus call 5494k
11:12:23MAX East58k
11:13:01MAX East33k
11:13:11MAX East75k
11:13:20Bus Dispatch76k
11:13:27Ruby Jct Yard25k
11:13:36Ruby Jct Yard214k
11:14:14Ruby Jct Yard74k
11:14:24MAX East9k
11:14:30Ruby Jct Yard26k
11:14:31Bus mic 6802k
11:14:32MAX East122k
11:14:33Bus Dispatch32k
11:14:37Ruby Jct Yard8k
11:14:44Bus Dispatch8k
11:14:49Ruby Jct Yard42k
11:14:57MAX East89k
11:15:17MAX East93k
11:15:19MAX Central116k
11:15:26Bus Dispatch79k
11:15:39MAX East66k
11:15:47MAX Central41k
11:15:49Bus Dispatch291k
11:15:55Ruby Jct Yard13k
11:16:00MAX West10k
11:16:00Ruby Jct Yard23k
11:16:01MAX Central8k
11:16:06MAX West127k
11:16:06MAX Central76k
11:16:07Ruby Jct Yard83k
11:16:30MAX Central13k
11:16:31Ruby Jct Yard31k
11:16:38MAX Central36k
11:16:42Bus call 6145k
11:16:42Bus Dispatch102k
11:16:43Ruby Jct Yard19k
11:16:49MAX Central12k
11:16:50Ruby Jct Yard32k
11:16:51Bus call 7162k
11:17:00Ruby Jct Yard26k
11:17:10Bus Dispatch12k
11:17:11MAX West88k
11:17:14Ruby Jct Yard76k
11:17:16Bus Dispatch11k
11:17:23Bus Dispatch100k
11:17:34Ruby Jct Yard9k
11:17:43Bus Dispatch12k
11:17:45MAX East40k
11:18:22Ruby Jct Yard24k
11:18:24MAX West92k
11:18:29Ruby Jct Yard368k
11:18:44MAX West45k
11:19:32MAX East20k
11:19:33Ruby Jct Yard7k
11:19:38MAX East57k
11:20:09MAX Central20k
11:20:15MAX Central20k
11:21:15Bus call 6311k
11:21:52MAX East42k
11:22:02MAX East30k
11:22:10MAX East41k
11:22:22MAX East117k
11:22:48MAX East11k
11:22:52Ruby Jct Yard15k
11:23:03MAX Central154k
11:23:08Ruby Jct Yard109k
11:23:32Ruby Jct Yard89k
11:23:51Ruby Jct Yard106k
11:23:58MAX West39k
11:24:14Ruby Jct Yard11k
11:24:33MAX Central58k
11:24:33Ruby Jct Yard26k
11:24:55MAX Central9k
11:24:56Bus call 2394k
11:24:59MAX Central99k
11:25:09Ruby Jct Yard21k
11:25:15Ruby Jct Yard188k
11:25:19MAX Central46k
11:25:50Ruby Jct Yard8k
11:25:59MAX Central96k
11:26:42MAX Central49k
11:26:55MAX Central33k
11:27:10MAX East124k
11:27:35MAX East49k
11:28:19Bus call 6217k
11:29:17MAX East165k
11:30:30MAX East54k
11:30:38Bus Dispatch25k
11:30:48Bus Dispatch34k
11:30:49MAX West160k
11:30:57MAX East116k
11:31:03Bus Dispatch54k
11:31:17Bus Dispatch57k
11:31:20Bus call 1195k
11:31:31Bus Dispatch8k
11:31:33MAX East216k
11:31:36Bus Dispatch12k
11:31:41Bus Dispatch80k
11:32:05Bus Dispatch100k
11:32:23Bus Dispatch30k
11:32:31Bus Dispatch29k
11:32:43MAX East123k
11:32:55MAX West61k
11:33:13MAX West190k
11:34:03MAX Central9k
11:34:09MAX Central75k
11:34:34MAX Central54k
11:34:57MAX Central93k
11:35:08Bus Dispatch24k
11:35:15Bus Dispatch118k
11:35:24MAX Central12k
11:35:31MAX Central87k
11:35:48MAX Central96k
11:36:07MAX Central65k
11:36:25Ruby Jct Yard18k
11:36:30MAX East7k
11:36:33Ruby Jct Yard101k
11:36:53Ruby Jct Yard127k
11:37:03MAX East13k
11:37:06MAX Central87k
11:37:19MAX East63k
11:37:33MAX Central118k
11:37:41Bus Dispatch274k
11:37:58MAX West78k
11:38:00MAX Central22k
11:38:42Bus call 538k
11:39:27Bus call 1315k
11:39:31Bus Dispatch13k
11:39:41Bus Dispatch85k
11:39:56MAX West133k
11:40:33Bus Dispatch8k
11:40:42MAX Central11k
11:40:48MAX Central9k
11:40:49Bus Dispatch64k
11:40:53MAX Central97k
11:41:03Ruby Jct Yard7k
11:41:03Bus Dispatch97k
11:41:08Ruby Jct Yard65k
11:41:10MAX Central99k
11:41:22Ruby Jct Yard29k
11:41:25MAX West113k
11:41:38MAX Central9k
11:41:43MAX Central25k
11:41:51MAX Central38k
11:42:18MAX Central93k
11:43:14MAX Central122k
11:43:39Bus Dispatch105k
11:43:49MAX Central104k
11:44:14Bus call 5209k
11:44:15MAX Central58k
11:44:43MAX Central290k
11:45:11Bus call 2383k
11:45:35MAX East37k
11:45:45MAX East32k
11:45:51MAX Central67k
11:45:54MAX East18k
11:46:01MAX East49k
11:46:10MAX Central66k
11:46:18Bus Dispatch52k
11:46:19MAX East14k
11:46:32MAX East20k
11:46:43MAX East35k
11:46:45MAX Central106k
11:46:49LIFT call 4242k
11:46:52MAX East113k
11:47:08MAX Central14k
11:47:21MAX Central21k
11:47:30MAX Central120k
11:47:56Ruby Jct Yard12k
11:48:04Ruby Jct Yard115k
11:48:09MAX Central162k
11:48:40MAX Central124k
11:49:03MAX Central25k
11:50:10Bus Dispatch138k
11:50:50Bus Dispatch15k
11:51:21MAX Central55k
11:51:40LIFT call 3620k
11:51:48MAX West63k
11:52:03MAX Central120k
11:52:06MAX West30k
11:52:15MAX West28k
11:52:27Bus Dispatch66k
11:52:30MAX Central50k
11:52:41MAX Central25k
11:52:50MAX Central86k
11:53:06MAX West135k
11:53:11MAX Central211k
11:53:52Bus tac 24k
11:53:53Bus Dispatch152k
11:53:54LIFT call 3240k
11:53:55MAX Central34k
11:54:09MAX Central182k
11:54:23Bus Dispatch13k
11:55:04Ruby Jct Yard29k
11:55:11Ruby Jct Yard38k
11:55:30MAX Central8k
11:55:35MAX Central79k
11:55:37MAX East41k
11:55:53MAX Central50k
11:56:04MAX Central47k
11:56:08LIFT call 3256k
11:56:20MAX Central162k
11:56:38MAX West59k
11:57:13Bus Dispatch15k
11:57:19Bus Dispatch373k
11:57:39Bus call 5376k
11:57:58MAX West34k
11:58:25MAX Central46k
11:58:25Bus Dispatch32k
11:58:36MAX West45k
11:58:36Bus Dispatch53k
11:58:41MAX Central12k
11:58:50MAX West24k
11:58:58MAX West76k
11:59:14Bus call 2225k
11:59:27MAX Central38k
11:59:43MAX Central23k
11:59:51MAX Central149k
12:00:53LIFT call 3323k
12:00:55Bus Dispatch134k
12:01:59Ruby Jct Yard20k
12:01:59Bus Dispatch10k
12:02:04Bus Dispatch14k
12:02:08Bus Dispatch36k
12:02:09Ruby Jct Yard72k
12:03:38LIFT call 3252k
12:04:03MAX West72k
12:04:07Bus Dispatch12k
12:04:13Bus Dispatch122k
12:04:18MAX East63k
12:04:23MAX West124k
12:04:37MAX East58k
12:04:38Ruby Jct Yard156k
12:04:41Bus Dispatch77k
12:04:46MAX Central60k
12:05:15MAX West70k
12:06:25MAX Central14k
12:06:30MAX Central6k
12:07:07Bus Dispatch109k
12:07:29Bus Dispatch138k
12:08:03Bus Dispatch35k
12:08:15Bus Dispatch39k
12:08:24MAX Central70k
12:08:25Bus call 51011k
12:08:44Bus Dispatch94k
12:09:04MAX West57k
12:09:27Bus Dispatch19k
12:09:35MAX East35k
12:09:43MAX East51k
12:10:38Bus call 2785k
12:10:41Ruby Jct Sta Agt32k
12:10:49Ruby Jct Sta Agt13k
12:10:55Ruby Jct Sta Agt130k
12:11:12LIFT call 1243k
12:11:27Ruby Jct Sta Agt71k
12:11:54Bus call 1115k
12:12:32MAX East9k
12:12:37MAX East12k
12:12:42MAX East25k
12:12:50MAX East86k
12:13:12MAX East163k
12:13:15Bus Dispatch12k
12:13:53MAX East102k
12:14:17MAX East117k
12:14:43MAX East9k
12:14:58Bus call 1278k
12:15:08Bus Dispatch34k
12:15:28Bus Dispatch34k
12:16:01MAX Central220k
12:16:20Bus call 1232k
12:16:58MAX East68k
12:17:36MAX Central6k
12:17:37MAX East65k
12:17:38Ruby Jct Yard157k
12:17:42MAX Central81k
12:17:43Elmonica Yard11k
12:17:57Elmonica Yard26k
12:18:04MAX Central33k
12:18:09Elmonica Yard6k
12:18:11MAX Central43k
12:18:21MAX Central21k
12:19:20MAX Central13k
12:19:25MAX Central86k
12:19:28MAX East25k
12:19:45MAX Central28k
12:19:55Bus call 2387k
12:20:31MAX Central80k
12:20:51MAX Central25k
12:21:02MAX Central205k
12:21:24Bus Dispatch16k
12:21:44Bus Dispatch12k
12:21:51MAX Central72k
12:21:54Bus Dispatch110k
12:22:15MAX East82k
12:22:22Bus Dispatch27k
12:22:30Bus Dispatch9k
12:22:31LIFT call 3333k
12:22:35Bus Dispatch57k
12:22:44MAX East56k
12:23:26MAX Central18k
12:23:33MAX Central157k
12:24:06MAX Central60k
12:24:12Bus call 42k
12:24:22MAX Central11k
12:24:43MAX West68k
12:24:48Bus call 1209k
12:26:05Bus call 1154k
12:26:11MAX East61k
12:26:27MAX East41k
12:26:27MAX West91k
12:26:46MAX West27k
12:27:39MAX Central11k
12:27:43MAX Central10k
12:27:48MAX Central89k
12:28:03MAX West26k
12:28:07MAX Central14k
12:29:19Bus Dispatch12k
12:29:36Bus Dispatch58k
12:29:43MAX West135k
12:29:46Bus call 6145k
12:29:54Bus Dispatch13k
12:30:02Bus Dispatch14k
12:30:06Bus Dispatch11k
12:30:11Bus Dispatch9k
12:30:13MAX West135k
12:30:33Bus Dispatch41k
12:30:38Bus call 2346k
12:31:03MAX East87k
12:31:26MAX East37k
12:31:39Bus call 171k
12:33:05MAX West51k
12:33:21MAX West100k
12:33:26Ruby Jct Yard34k
12:33:32Elmonica Yard8k
12:33:35Ruby Jct Yard24k
12:33:53LIFT call 3251k
12:34:15MAX East13k
12:34:22MAX East63k
12:34:37MAX East13k
12:34:46MAX East80k
12:35:04MAX East59k